Friday, June 1, 2007

Our Star Spangled Adventure-Day Eight

Day Eight: Just some quick notes...hopefully more later...yeah, same old story :)

Boy, did we over sleep this morning! I think Gwen was kinda suprprised ;) So were we! We got a late start out of Denver...but extra time to visit Gwen's family :)

Groceries are very expensive at Wild Oats........we will probably NOT being shopping there again...ouch!

Drove to see a beautiful church recently built just outside of Denver. Lit some candles......found a life size statue of Saint Frances Cabrini, a major patroness of our adventure. She traveled these here United States like crazy, back in the 1800's. Ended up there too long due to a very helpful tour guide. :)

Drove through the back roads of the high plains of Colorado to visit our friend Kim in an out of the way (I'll say! :)) there way later than we planned due to the aforementioned reasons. I don't think I have ever stood in Cailfornia, anywhere, and seen NO mountains somewhere. Have you? We got a picture of the far we have got a sunset picture in every state, sometimes in different places in the same state. One of my children had cutely asked if the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean in the east :) Guess we needed that geography lesson. :)....don't worry.......we got it firgured out now.......along with the Continental Divide. How cool is that to LIVE your geography!

Loved visiting with Kim...wish we had more time......appreciate their hospitality....dinner, homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, beautiful music played by her almost 17 yo son, a comfy travel trailer to sleep in....much warmer than a campsite (trust me), cute dog, cats, calf, goats and kids and a few assorted horses, and chickens, too....oh, and adorable children :) Of course, when Matthew held her 6mo baby.....the wee lass fell asleep on his shoulder.

And, that's it for now........



me said...

Of course the baby fell asleep on Matthew. Maybe I'd be able to fall asleep if Matthew would (or is it could?) throw me over his shoulder!
Love following you all along your travels! Of course, it means we'll have nothing to talk about when you guys get back.

Aunt JEN

Debbie said...

Mountains! Anna began having cravings somewhere in the midwest and it got so bad that she drew mountains on the front windshield. Not sure if I can put the link here but I'll try: