Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Thirty-Seven

Thursday, June 28th, Day Thirty-Seven:

I have had many dreams since I was a young girl, of things I had hoped to accomplish. Today, one of those dreams was unexpectedly fulfilled.

Was it getting to see and explore Old Ironsides, the USS Constitution, the oldest still floating battleship in the world??? Cool as that was......nope!

Was it walking in the footsteps of Paul Revere, in his own home, in his neighborhood (that seems to be VERY Italian now.....LOTS of Catholic Churches!) or in the Old North Church where a special lantern was shown in the belfry late one night??? Nope, that was not it either.

Ready? I got to go see The Boston Pops, in person! I just happened to notice that they were playing tonight, and they had some of their cheaper tickets still available (not really cheap, unless you compare it to a Broadway show) seven pretty good seats, sitting right on the side where we could see quite well. I have always loved the Pops, as long as I can remember. I have always loved John Williams...he was not there tonight, except in a video :)

It was everything I hoped it would be.....and the kids were thrilled. The concert hall is just gorgeous. There were two Broadway stars there to sing at least 6 songs......and we were there for the Pops Star contest.....we got to hear the three finalists sing and then vote for one of them....and the winner was announced at the concert.

The theme was called "Oscar and Tony" with all of the selections being taken from former Best Pictures or Best Musicals. The kids and I, even Malachy, could really relate to the music.

More later....we have a huge day ahead of us tomorrow, as we leave the Boston area,.....but just barely......not sure when we will be able to post again on this trip....could be not until July 6th.......keep praying for our safety....and two missing items of importance. :/

Happy early 4th of July!!! We will be fighting the crowds at Niagara Falls on that night. I promise we will be missing our favorite haunt on the 4th......we have not missed a year at Lake Siskiyou in, years!

With love,



Alice Gunther said...

Oh, the Boston Pops! I remember watching them on TV as a kid!

Great day!

me said...

Wow! You got super lucky to get to the Pops and what a night to get to see them!

Hope you're all doing well! Today is my first Monday with nothing to fret about =) I don't know what to do with myself, except check my school account for my grades and confirmation I will recieve that degree!!!! Wish you were here to celebrate with helping me put together my craftroom! You get the awesome vacation, I get a room!
Love you all,
Aunt JEN

TracyQ said...

I tried the phone # you gave, and can't get ahold of you! I was wondering if you got here today, and what your plans were. :-( I can't get ahold of you, and we're SO CLOSE! :-( It's July 4th, and we only have a couple of hours before having to go to a family picnic. Sarah (12yo) does have a sore throat though, and I'm not even sure whether it's a good idea for her to be near you guys, becuase you don't want sickies on a spectacular road trip, that would be NO good! When do you guys leave here? Oh, this is so sad that we're so close, and yet so far away. :-( I've tried to email a couple of times too, and can't seem to get ahold of you at all, no matter what I do. :-(
Tracy Q.