Saturday, June 16, 2007

Our Star-Spangled Adventure: Day Twenty-Five

Saturday, June 16th, Day Twenty-Five:

all I have to say right now is: DID YOU KNOW IT COST $3.50 TO WASH A LOAD OF LAUNDRY!!!????!!!!! Sheesh!

And, that does not include the dryer, which is 25 cents for 7 minutes...which is okay to me.....I only paid 75 cents for only two of the drying times.....

highlights today, and then at least I am caught up on my days, for NOW:

Frontier Culture Museum, with our friends, including a picnic sweetly provided by our friends

a stop at another Civil War Battlefield: New Market, in was great, I am glad Miss Laureen sent us there...we learned a lot and made a few connections....more later

Had another yummy meal with our friends

Matthew joined me on his first experience to a laundry mat: see above...

good night!


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