Monday, June 11, 2007

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Fourteen

Tuesday June 5th, Day Fourteen:

Depart from hotel

Take a very cool tour with a special docent, who hand-picked us :) at the Shakespeare play the night before :), at the Saint Louis Museum of Art, ALWAYS free to cool is that??

Drive through Illinois on the way to Indiana.

This was the first family to visit, who we actually MET ahead of time....... like over 17 years ago!

Andrea was the midwife for our three homebirths: Matthew, Sarah & Maddelyn's........but she is really more like family.

It was like coming home, to arrive at our dear friend's home. Visiting Andrea and her family was so much fun. It was so sad to be there for only 14 hours. :(

...but, Andrea managed to pack in those short hours:

~a yummy mexican-flavored dinner, ready to eat on our arrival at 9pm!
~watermelon for dessert
~s'mores over a backyard fire (it was almost midnight by then!)
~a soak in the hot tub
~great conversation, with Andrea, Phil and Helena
~complete 2 loads of laundry
~a solid night's sleep
~apple pie and ice cream for breakfast!

I am glad that Anne and Helena, who first played together before they were two years to reconnect.

Their home is lovely and so THEM! We sure miss them in Mount Shasta! They said we were their first Mount Shasta visitors....we were happy to oblige. :)

Good night......more as soon as possible!

Yes, I KNOW I am behind :)

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