Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Our Star-Spangled Adventure-Day Seven

Day Seven: WOW! We got to see the touring Broadway show of WICKED tonight. It was WAY cool, everything we hoped it would be and some nice surprises, too.

I even called Aunt Jennifer who SO desperately wanted to see the show with us......and she listened to three songs, LIVE. :) Clever use of cell phone technology.....oh, the cleverness of me, says Peter Pan. That is one of my favorite quotes. :)

We also went to the Celestial Seasonings factory tour in Boulder this morning. Hmmmm......clear sinuses....we spent time in the infamous "mint room" :) We tried to have a picnic with our friends.....but a massive thunder and lightning storm forced us to our cars!

We wanted to buy one of everything in the gift shop :)

On the way home, Anne and I finally found another quilt store, and picked up our fat quarters from Colorado state.

More later....it is after midnight, yet again.......and I am tired.

There may be a chance we will be MIA for a few days......

Many thanks to Gwen and her family for putting up with us in Denver. We all loved their family. The little 2yo is absolutely adorable....the boys are so friendly and handsome, too :)....and the big girl is fun to chat with. Oh, and the parents are great, too! :) We will miss them.

Thanks for the memories! Thanks so much for the yummy barbeque, for the great conversation, for setting us up at Celestial Seasonings, for providing a kick ball, the roasted marshmallows, the laundry services, the internet services, help in finding a quilt shop........

DO come camping with us next year! I know you will love it!




me said...

THANKS Everyone, for including me! It was full of cleverness! The only problem is that it's almost 4 in the morning and I woke up to "Pure water can melt her" playing over and over in my head and I can't get it out long enough to go back to sleep! Oh well, it is worth the price to hear it along with you all. I even loved hearing you all laugh along with the show -felt ALMOST like I was sitting next to you all!

Hugs & Kisses, and stay warm camping!
Love, Aunt JEN

Kathy Young said...

Hello Bryons!

Ms. Kathy here :) So happy for you to have seen Wicked! Also love the that tea :) Did you know that my cousin Mark is the Mayor of Boulder? A little road Q and A for you...
I also have some good news from here. I will be teaching an acting summer intensive in July and August. You take your pick, they are both one week sessions three hours a day. We will work on auditioning skills, small scenes, play readings, games, and even some music. So I thought you would like to know. More info to follow.
Other than that things are fine. Our last Cinderella performances are this weekend...thank goodness. I'm a little Cindy' out...
But I'll be ready for July, don't worry :)
Hugs abd kisses to all and stay safe :)

annie said...

Hi Chari and all you great kids! It turns out you were zipping around Carson City and Reno the same day I was driving through on my way home to Mt. Shasta after my big trip, 25 days rafting through the Grand Canyon, a different kind of Star-Spangled adventure! (I love that name!) My children got the 2 week version of your trip many years ago, and I am so excited to get to read about your travels as you go. What a wonderful time for you all. I am thinking of you as safe, healthy (pain free!), and having many fascinating and special experiences. I'll certainly understand if you don't write tons of details. My experience with traveling has always been that SO MUCH HAPPENS in just one day that it is hard to capture it all. I look forward to anything you get around to writing though! Blessings! Love, Annie in Mt. Shasta

Shawna said...

Oh its SO good to hear from you all! I miss you already and think of you often. Its hot here now, and the kids are water-sliding away in the back yard. Tomorrow I'm off to a homeschool conference, and really looking forward to it. I'll say some prayers for you as I drive! How's the tooth? How the on-board entertainment?
Love to all of you!