Monday, October 19, 2009

It's The Little Man's Birthday Today......

EIGHT years ago, we had this.......

Anne, 13 years old, proxy for the godparents at Malachy's baptism

Also, Father Hunter & Sarah, 8 years

Garrett, 4.5 years & Malachy

Malachy & godfather, Uncle Christopher

Malachy with godmother, Aunt Dana


And, now...........we have scenes from the latest year in Malachy's life........

In the night.....couldn't wait to get out there... least this one time he has shoes on!!!

He loved tee ball this year, being on Abraham's (son of Shawna) team....

....his taller friend next to him there.......

Too cute!

With oldest sister Anne, when she graduated with her AA in May

With his oldest brother, and tallest, at Matthew's High School graduation in May

In the Lake at our annual Catholic homeschool campout

Malachy & one of his favorite friends, Paddy (son of Willa),

in one of their many imaginary games...

Malachy with his friend Winona....

....another one he has grown up with since birth...

...that also includes Abraham & Paddy above, too

Malachy hated baths his first year of life...

....but has been a lake boy ever since.....

One of his duplo creations.......this was a church

Paddy, Aidan & Malachy....friends since their forever started :)

This summer with Catholic homeschooling friends at Castle Lake,

Clementine, another "forever" friend, in the background

I love this action shot!

At a public pool for Catherine G.'s birthday party....such fun!

By the Sacramento River at a lovely park.....

........picnicking for Catherine's birthday

The brothers, Garrett & Malachy,
the night of the Taiko concert,
held outdoors, at the base of the mountain.....nice August night.

Malachy with one of his favorite dance partners, Bethany!!
Taken at our summer 2009 dance party.

Malachy and big sister Anne, at the same party.

Winona & Malachy created this special mask and a cape for her little brother, Jade.

Malachy cuddling a chihuahua friend, after he and Winona had bathed the two dogs.

Malachy has loved the felines around Hearts' Haven since he realized their existence.

Malachy with two of his best friends......sisters Clairemarie & Clementine.
Berrypicking, summer '09.

Malachy loves kite flying!

Happy birthday, Malachy!!!
We love you!!!!
We thank God every day for bringing you to our family.
Love from your family at Our Hearts' Haven!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to Jiddee!!

Today is my father-in-law's birthday!

He is 86 years young!

I always know how old he is because he is 70 years older than whatever Sarah is at the time. :)
She was only 6 months old at his 70th birthday party.

His name is Woodrow...

....and everybody calls him Woody.....

......except his grandkids.......

....who call him "Jiddee" which is Arabic for Grandpa.

He has 24 grandkids, six of which are mine.

He has a bunch of great-grandkids......a ball park figure might be 14, with 2 more on the way.......none of which are mine. :)
A few photos.........
Taken when Marty and his siblings were a lot younger :)
Those clothes and that hair reek of the seventies :)

Marty, Beth & Christopher in front
Woody & Marilyn, the parental figures....and Bill & David in back
And, a handful of photos from Woody's visit to Our Hearts' Haven in April 2008:

Woody & I making Tabouli for our 2008 Lebanese Feast

Woody & a young Garrett working on the Lebanese Feast Food

The 2008 Lebanese Feast
with Gavin, Kevin, Patty & Sierra on the left
Marty at the head of the table, with Woody to his left, and Anne & Terri
In the back, you can see Maddelyn, Garrett, Malachy & Sarah

Jiddee with his grand-kids at Hearts' Haven, Spring 2008

Jiddee with his granddaughters.......Maddelyn, Sarah & Anne

We miss you, Jiddee, and hope you come for a visit soon!!!

We love you, Jiddee!!!


Love your family at Hearts' Haven!
PS Welcome to the Internet! :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy FIRST Birthday...... my adorable little friend Liam S!!!!

I have some of the most sweet pictures of this dear little boy, youngest of eight, with number nine on the way......but the mouse on my desktop, where the photos are stored, has become quite stubborn and will not do its, I must delay his pictures till at least this the meantime, little man:

With love from your friends at Our Hearts' Haven

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to Aunt Beth!

Happy Birthday, Aunt Beth!

We hope & pray many blessings for you in this next year of your life!
We especially hope to see you in the next year, has been too long!!
Love, your relatives at Hearts' Haven
PS..I had to "steal" your photos at facebook because my computer with pics is temporarily off-limits this week.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's a Picture Book Day!

Got a few titles for old favorite, lately rediscovered, and three new choices.....that begged to be picked off the shelf at the library!

PECOS BILL Written & Illustrated by Steven Kellogg

This book is a cute as I remember it! Pecos Bill stories are always fun...and I was able to teach Malachy what a "tall tale" is.......and now I will use this book as a jumping point for other conversations about "tall tales." The pictures are hilarious and well-drawn, with great color. Also, this book reminds me that it has been a long time since we took a stroll through Steven Kellogg's books. The last time we went through his books, I believe Malachy was a mere infant, if he was even yet born. With Malachy's sense of humor, I think he will find Kellogg's books a kick...and I am off to the library for more!!! Garrett may not even remember these stories.

If you and your kids have not yet visited a collection of Steven Kellogg's books...DO GO FOR IT! You will have a blast....and then...we will go after Bill Peet's books, too......same situation as above....and I do not want Malachy to miss out on these great, funny authors!

CATERINA: THE CLEVER FARM GIRL by Julienne Peterson & illustrated by Enzo Giannini

Oh, my, I loved this book!!! It is based on a Tuscan Folktale......and it is delightful! I love the ending......but I cannot tell you what it is......I do not want to ruin it for you! The illustrations are fact, it was the cover that popped off the bookshelf at the library and into my hands! Caterina, a clever farm girl charms the king with her cleverness........and, well, you must go read the book to find the rest of the story. I read it to my boys....and they enjoyed it....and I am sure any girl would love it, too. Even a mom! :)

When I went to return the book to the favorite librarian was just leaving.......and she willingly stopped to read this book before she left.....we are both addicted to wonderful picture books. Maybe that is why she is my favorite? :)

I hope this author has other stories......and that our library has more books from the illustrator!

I just searched the internet...only this book as far as I can see..... :(

PAPA AND THE PIONEER QUILT BY Jean Van Leeuwen & Illustrated by Rebecca Bond

Sweet story about a papa who has "wandering feet" and keeps moving his family further west....and of his daughter who wants to make a collecting scraps on the way to Oregon. Sweet artwork.....sweet story....and quilts! I just love quilt stories, don't you?!

THE SQUIRE'S BRIDE by P.C. Asbjornsen & Illustrated by Marcia Sewall

Funny little story based on a Norwegian tale. I do not want to give the story away....worth the read.....nice pencil drawings...or is that pen?

We had not read any pictures books lately, except about eagles & it was nice to have a change today!

Have a blessed picture book day, everyday!!!! Or, at least several times a week! :)



Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday, Anne!!!





I LOVE this photo of Anne!

It is her bio photo for "The Gazebo"

Anne, 6 weeks......with her mama.

Looks like her papa, here! Six weeks.

Our little "brown" baby

Anne, one week

Anne, first week, held by her grandpa: Georgie-Pop

On week old...

and her Grandma Marilyn Bryan, whom she has never met...

but would have loved and been loved by......

At 8 weeks......

Anne and her Papa!

Sweet girl

With her Grandma Ley at nine weeks......

Anne, at 25 months welcomes her best friend and first sibling...Matthew James

I bet Aunt beth remembers that early morning!!

Anne, at two and a half, with her Great-Aunt Sue and Uncle Tom...

.....Matthew is five months old

We miss Uncle Tom, may he rest in peace.

One of my all-time favorite pictures of Anne & Matthew!!

They are 3 years & one year, respectively.

Anne at 4 yrs, with her Great-Grandpa, Danny!

We miss you, Grandpa!

Anne, the dark child, seven months younger than her cousin Alexis, the light child.

In Eureka, CA, visiting their Great Grandparents...and YES!

They are actually eating chip crumbs off of the sidewalk.....blech!

Anne was a bumble bee in her first dance recital...
....6 years old.

Anne, 7, with the dark pig tails, and her three younger siblings

Matthew, 5

Sarah, 3

Maddelyn, 18 months

Camping at Lake Juanita

Anne, aged eight, center with siblings:

Baby Garrett 2 months

Maddelyn 2 years

Sarah 4 years

and Matthew 6 years


So, the above was a blast from the past......

.....and below, you will find photos from 2009, just a small sampling!!!


Anne with her two favorite men:

her father & her brother Matthew

Taken part way up Mount Shasta, Spring 2009

The two sisters, Anne & Maddelyn
Taken same place, day...see Lake Siskiyou in the background.

Anne & one of her favorite friends, Euphemia
June 2009

Anne, and her three "sisters"
Clare, a best friend...Sarah, Anne, Maddelyn
Ages: 19, 16, 20 & 14 years
Taken at Shaver Lake, Summer 2009

Anne & Maddelyn while singing in the Barbershop Choir

Taken August 2009
Anne and her "sisters"
Sarah, Anne, Maddelyn, Clare
Taken July 2009

Anne dancing at our Summer dance party, August 2009

Anne, shares her addiction to knitting, on the deck in the Sierras
Taken June 2009

Anne & Maddelyn on the set of THE GAZEBO
Anne was the director & Maddelyn the housekeeper
May 2009

Anne & her parents
August 2009

Anne & her sister Sarah
Taken July 2009

Anne & her grandpa, Georgie-Pop
Taken August 2009

Anne graduates with her Associates Degree in English
May 2009, with her most favorite teacher, Eve

Anne, May 2009
We are so proud of you, Anne!
We wish you many blessings on this birthday and forever!!!
We miss you!!!
We love you!!!
your family waiting for you at Our Hearts' Haven

PS....I LOVE how much living green is in these photos!!