Monday, August 22, 2011

Haven Heartbeats

A ten-day forecast of sunshine??? And the days are warm??? Heaven on earth! I am sooooo not going to complain. Winter will be here soon enough!


The husband is gone for the week. He is spending a few days with Matthew at Thomas Aquinas College, as Matthew settles in for his sophomore year. Then, the husband will spend a few days quietly enjoying the coast. He could really use some quiet time. I have to figure out how I am going to spend this time while he is gone. I just happened to have only two half days at work this week…..till a full day next Saturday……so, I need to make some decluttering plans.


I want to be a co-op teacher for homeschoolers……I almost ache with all of the possibilities. I think I could be a natural. Oh, so many possibilities........


Got this quote from my friend Gloria L. on Facebook. Mark Twain is a frequent companion of mine……so, I thought I would store this quote here:

"If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're misinformed." - Mark Twain

I often wonder if would have “loved” Mark Twain if I knew him in person, as the person I am today……but, I know I love to read his writings now.


As of a week ago, we have maxed out on our cell phone plan. Doesn’t AT&T realize that some families are bigger than five??? My 16yo daughter made note that not too long in the future, our family will require 8 cell phones…..and of course, 8 computers…….and eventually 8 cars. Our drive-way already fills up with the cars we have now!

(Yes, I do realize they will not all be living here at that point….but, I hope they will visit at the same time, often enough. Should make for an interesting future…..)


I have been writing letters again. I am loving it! I hope a few of these recipients will write back to me so I can actually have a mail exchange. It has been a long time.


Flylady. Do you remember her? I am sure she is still popular, but I do not hear her mentioned amongst homeschoolers like she was when she first started out. When I looked into her “system” for home and life organization over ten years ago, I found there was a lot I was already doing that was similar. Even so, I was able to learn a lot of new ideas and incorporate them into my life. We still do our “27 Fling.” :) Some of those routines I let go of……and I think I want to reincorporate that back into my life. A couple of my kids are asking for a recall of our routines. I am re-reading her book “Sink Reflections” just for new inspiration. There are so many editorial errors….I am trying to just let that go by…..

One of Flylady’s recommendations is to “Dress to the shoes” each day. Needing energy to get things done…….I started doing that again….wearing shoes instead of going around with my usual barefoot self. Once again, I am amazed at the amount of energy I can put out simply because I have shoes on. I need to remember that tomorrow….because the last three days have been a bit of a bust…..a barefoot bust.

 I really miss Hawaii.  I really miss my sister.  I really miss my sister's car. 

Not necessarily in that order. 


Got to plan school;  got to plan school;  got to plan school........

Got to remember that I have got to plan school.


This new iPhone is a huge distraction.........I am sure life previous to it was much more simpler.


I fell today at work.  There was an uneveneness between sidewalk sections.  My shoe stopped and I was slammed to the ground. Somehow, I only scraped and bruised my palms.  My knees were barely scraped.  I had such a flashback to that last fall on my skateboard when I was 14 years old.  Now that was a nasty fall!  I think I will be was really embarrassing.  Not sure if anyone saw it happen besides God.  :)





Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Haven Heartbeats

Another motive for posting my Facebook thoughts on my blog is because I annoy people enough with my posts :) …and so I can be less of a burden to others in their Facebook perusing.


I was sweeping last night and I was reminded of something quite amusing: When Sarah was about 7 years old, we were all impressed by what a capable sweeper she was…..and so quick, too! And then the day came, when we needed to pull the refrigerator out to access the outlet behind it, and found months worth of swept items under the fridge. What a hilarious find! And, quite disgusting as well! Blech.


This summer, I have found a way to avoid making dinner very frequently. J I am teasing. Sorta. But, I have been trying to free up some time by delegating our dinners…..especially since we needed to feed at least nine people every night. (why-oh-why does dinner have to come back around every.single.night?) So, a couple of mornings a week, I assign a pair of kids, or one, to be responsible for the dinner meal. They have come up with quite fabulous meals! They are such good cooks! They get it from their father, for sure. They even invent their own recipes.


I really appreciate that they don’t even complain when I ask. And last week, the 14yo boy saw my homemade pizza dough thawing and even offered to make our pizza for dinner. I did not even to ask for help that night, it was offered. I really appreciated that. The pizza was delicious.

And, if I can talk Marty into a night a week, at least, I get even more nights off. :) I always tell Marty to make enough for two nights….so the next night when it is my turn, the main dish is already prepared. I have so got this figured out. :) Shhhhhh…..don’t tell.


Being the youngest in the family by 4+ years means that sometimes you have to entertain yourself as you are growing up. Sometimes the older kids are too busy or not even present. Malachy learned at a very early age, to play games by himself. He plays Monopoly, cards, and so much more.

So, this morning when 9yo Malachy asked for something to do, I remembered how busy our day was going to be…and suggested he play RISK by himself. I knew it could take all day.  He had not done this in a while and jumped at the opportunity, setting up his board game “just right.” I had to force him to break and have breakfast.

In the end, one of his siblings came over to check it out and they played for a few hours. And, nicely at that!


I love that when I walk through my property in summer it causes hundreds of grasshoppers to jump out of the way. I even saw it happen when the dogs were strolling across, too.


OH! We have a very large covey of quail in our front yard…just wee chicks! Adorable!!


It is soooooo beautiful where I live. When I hang my laundry on the clothesline, I can look west at beautiful Mt. Eddy and its range or I can look east at Mt. Shasta. What a blessing….that I DO NOT take for granted!!!


Our friend, who is a priest, will be here to stay the night as he relocates to his new parish.  More blessings!  We are having a nice barbeque tonight as Matthew's going-back-to-school dinner.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Haven Heartbeats-Facebook Style

What is the theme for your weekend?

2 minutes ago ·


Chari Goldman Bryan: We will continue to have beautiful weather.......I am going to "gut" our storage shed and re-organize and declutter.......I already have it "gutted", to start the real work. Tomorrow, my family is going on a 10 mile hike.......I am choosing to stay home and continue to declutter that shed....or move myself back to the schoolroom for continued revamping there......maybe this will help me to get going on the school planning.

2 seconds ago

...and the comments:

Donna S Mathwig: School planning...oh yes, thank you for reminding me!

Helen Grice Russo: Cleaning & gardening....

Sherri Degraffenreid We just returned from school shopping in Reno and dr. apts. in Sac. so time to sleep in and unpack and clean today so that Sunday I can go to church and relax after with the kiddos.

Gloria Loyd: Photography! (see recent post:)

Jennifer Goldman Kittrell: Hair & rest.

Therese M Mueller: Canning :) Cleaning. Laundry. School schedules. Enjoying the lovely weather!

MacBeth Derham: Packing and driving.

Chari Goldman Bryan: Macbeth, do you leave today? You should post a note each night/day saying where you are....then we can drive across the country with you. Now that my kids know where 40 is...they are jealous that you get to drive in a part of the country they have yet to see. :) Prayers for your safety!

Chari Goldman Bryan: Thanks for sharing, friends! I can now visualize all of you while I work. :) I am in for a brief moment. It is going well! I think I will take my XM radio out there and a cup of Christmas Morning Tea. See ya later!

Mary Gildersleeve: Mass ... work (11-5) ... getting ready for 2nd night of Oklahoma ... now home, sipping a glass of wine and looking at FB for the FIRST TIME all day (and it's actually tomorrow!)

Vanessa Bryan: Working... Overtime $$$ :-) I'm in your boat ;-)

Laureen White: Company & wedding shower

Friday, August 12, 2011

Haven Heartbeats

I love Facebook…but I want some of my thoughts permanent……especially the family memories…..….and I want to blog more than I want to Facebook……

Since I met Facebook, I have rarely used my blog……..and I am not satisfied with that. So, I am going to try to put my Facebook thoughts on the blog sometimes instead of Facebook. (as if anyone cares  :)  )

I also have to let go of my tendency to always think the blog post must be long……..or more than random thoughts and ideas.  And, I will try to give up thinking I must always include links......just because I can.

I kind of feel like my summer is just getting started. What with cool weather, baseball and preparing and going to Hawaii…..I feel like I missed the beginning of our summer. Then, we were home for only a couple of weeks…I worked more than usual……and we were quite busy….and then we took a trip to San Diego for Aunt Beth’s wedding to Uncle Tim……and then getting Sarah off to Austria…..I feel like only now can I breathe….and begin to face all of the organization needed in my life.
I just wish I could get enough sleep to support my endeavors. I will begin a very busy work schedule shortly…and then time will be tight again. So much to declutter and reorganize……sigh.


Two summers ago, we sent our two oldest baby birds into the world…….one literally INTO the world.

This summer, we send three out into the world….the same two, plus the third oldest. We sent her literally INTO the world: a year in Austria.

Sarah left on Monday this week. Matthew returns to Thomas Aquinas College as a sophomore on August 20th. Marty will take him back to school. It is an 11 hour drive from our Hearts’ Haven.

Lucky us…….Anne will not return to Southern Oregon University for her final year until the end of September. This is the MAIN reason I have come to love the quarter system, finally.  We are all so excited to have over a month of quiet (ha!) life with her. She and Maddelyn are going to love this time together. And, Anne says she wil help me with meals so I can get some decluttering done.


Hanging over my head is the school planning for 2011-2012. I mostly know what I need to do…I just wanted to have so much organization completed before I start into the final planning………sigh.

Prayer requests that come to mind:
For my mom who is suffering from a nasty chronic disease.
For my daughter who must file a lawsuit against the company who caused her car accident almost two years ago…….come on, people…….just admit blame and let’s all move on!!!

For all of the folks I know who need St. Joseph’s help…….including our own private intentions.

For a friend and her husband who just recently began doing foster care.

For my co-workers, especially one in particular. Things are pretty overwhelming right now at work. Pray for me, too…for when I have to be there. I am praying for a new situation.


Just re-watched/listen to The Phantom of the Opera movie while I cleaned my room and bathroom. What an amazing piece of art! If you have never seen it, do! The summer of 2005 (?) was our summer of Phantom. We fell in love with the movie then......and the music.

We saw the musical on Broadway in summer of 2007. While it was good, I DO prefer this movie over the play. It is so well-done. I think it is one of the best musical-to-movie ever done. I hope the Les Miserables movie will be just as high quality. I hope!!! Cannot wait to see it!