Monday, June 4, 2007

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Thirteen

Monday, June 4th: Day Thirteen

getting way too tired now.....

St Louis Zoo

Explore part of Forest Park, home of the 1904 World's Fair

See "Much Ado About Nothing"......western style......GREAT!!!!!!!

That's it! :)


not sure when I will be back online again......



Louise Pieper said...

Dear Adventurers:

We're really enjoying following your trip (using your map and globe!) as we teach Mimi about the geography of our nation. However, when we talked about a place in our country called "Indiana", she confused it a bit with the country "India", which she considers quite an exotic place based on some descriptions and some photos she's seen.

She seems vaguely dubious about your true whereabouts now, and I think that, on some level, she believes that you're actually in India and faking us all out. Oh well.

We miss you a lot, and Mount Shasta is a duller place without you all here. May God continue to bless you all every minute of every day especially during your remarkable journey.


Louise, Evan, and MIMI

me said...

Hey Bryan Family!

I know you might not get to read this soon, but wanted to send love anyway. Dad said he talked to you and said Marty was joining the family for this part of the adventure. I know how excited the kids were, knowing their Papa was joining them!

Lots of nothing going on here. It's our first day of summer vacation, and Hudson was the last to get up!?! What's up with that?

I watched the Tony Awards show last night, thinking about how you all would have enjoyed seeing the entertainment, such as Mary Poppins and Spring Awaking. They were great!

Be safe, have lots of fun, and watch the quarter buying trend -you won't have much room let to put the kids back into the car!
Love & Kisses,
Aunt JEN