Monday, June 4, 2007

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Twelve

Sunday, June 3rd: Day Twelve

Attended mass in a beautiful old church in St. Louis

Spent the day at the Jefferson National Expansion Monument (I THINK that is the official name)......included visiting the Arch (Gateway to the, I wonder, since I am going it the BACKDOOR to the EAST??? :) ), the Courthouse where the Dred Scott Decision (and trials) took place (do YOU know your history?) and the Expansion Museum underneath the Arch. Oh, and the St. Louis Cathedral, too.

We also took a fun boatride on the Mississippi River. The boat was the TOM SAWYER. It was the first time we all saw the Mississippi River.

Then we headed to the hotel for dinner and a movie on Anne's computer: The Flower Drum Song...a musical by Rodgers & to all of them.

Mom fell asleep before it was over, as did Malachy and Garrett, too.


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