Friday, June 1, 2007

Our Star Spangled Adventure-Day Ten

Day Ten:

Okay, short list, just to remind me later:

Arrived VERY late to our new friends in Kansas.......such hospitality!

We awakened to yummy donuts and cinnamon rolls.....very sweet! No pun intended!

Anne and I got some fat quarters...she barely got her two........I had a hard time deciding between about 50 colors that were just right for my quilt.

Mary Alice took us to eat at Toto's Tacoz, and then to visit the Wizard of Oz Museum......very cool.

And, then a brief visit to the Emerald City Market, where Mary Alice purchased Rose Petal chocolate to share.....mmmmm....and Maddelyn chose lavender chocolate....sharing a bit, too.

Went to St. Mary's and visited a local museum with a great guide who followed us around explaining so much....a real treat.

Finally realized a 20-some year dream.......visit the campus of St. Mary's. Tom Playfair of Father Finn books attended the boy's college there in the 1860's. Originally an indian mission, then a boys college run by the Jesuits, and then a Jesuit seminary.......eventually closing. Now is a very active parish for Traditional Catholics. I knew we were close by when I saw girls all over the place in dresses, even little girls on bikes. It was a dead-give-away :)

Bought a new CD of Anthony DeLallo's at their wonderful bookstore.......see his website: I think it is I will have to check later. He has an amazing voice........if you like Josh will love Anthony. He is the great-nephew of my godmother. I think there are music samples at his website.

Then, home to our hostess, Mary Alice and family, for some more Kansas hospitality: yummy vegetarian lasagne followed by rootbeer floats, and fire flies! This was the first time everyone has met with fireflies, except Anne who met them in Virginia that first year. Mary Alice is surprised we do not have any in the west........I do not know you think it is the lack of much humidity???

Thanks, Mary Alice, for the Oz treat!

Night....this was unexpectedly not much of a short list. :) Hey, at least we did not have to actually DRIVE in the storms tonight!

Please pray for good and DRY weather for the next week , oh, or two months :)


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me said...

Have you told me what a FAT QUARTER is yet?

Give me a call sometime when you get a moment, at least so I can hear your voices!

Too funny about the time change. So, does this mean with all the extra hours you'll rack up coming home that you will stop by here before heading home? I can wish!

My shelves and table are here for my scrap room. Gotta pick them up, but probably won't put them together until I'm done with my Master's -so I won't have more help for me to procrastinate!

Uncle Rob is scheduled for Monday for surgery -third time's a charm, right? Keep him in your prayers. Especially for a quick and healthy recovery as he's got only one week now, for healing, before he's coaching the Sertoma All Star football game. Did I tell you he gets to coach the game at Mackay Stadium? Isn't that super cool!

Be safe, have fun!