Saturday, June 16, 2007

Our Star Spangled Adventure: Day Twenty Three

Thursday, June 14th, Day Twenty-Three:

I am so glad I never went to Mount Vernon the other two times I was in the DC area.......because it was so wonderful with its "new" visitor center and gallery and education center.....those centers added so much to the visit.

It was a wonderful and peaceful place to be after being in Dc all week, a nice change of pace (till we hit the DC traffic on the way home......blech). We took a tour with a guide who gave us the most incredible "lecture"about slave-life at Mount Vernon......our whole group was spellbound, I do believe. The Potomac was lovely to behold......I could see why George was attached to his home :)

Today was Marty's last day with us.......we are sad. It DEFINITELY makes us more homesick to see him go.

We stayed up WAY TOO late tonight........2am.......and Marty needs to be at the airport by 0620!

Happy Birthday to my Grandma today! She is 86! She is the reason I started the blog :) I called her tonight to wish her a happy birthday.....good thing there is a three hour difference in time.....I called her after midnight on the east coast! I forgot to ask her if she received the birthday card I sent to her.......the next day I saw some stamps for, when did they raise the price of stamps???? How did I miss THAT??? So, now I know she did not get my card...because MY stamp was 2 cents short...grrrr. Well, it will be waiting for me at home, I guess......


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