Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to Kaydance!!!

It seems to be birthday season around here, eh?

Happy Birthday, Kaydance!!!!

From your cousins at Our Hearts' Haven

Here are the latest pictures......all taken August 2009


Kaydnace & Maddelyn
1st Cousins & Great Friends

Kaydance & Sarah
Second Cousin & Friends

The brown haired, blue-eyed Girl

Girls that have grown up together, most since birth....old now :)
Sister groups share the same color......and Kaydance's two sisters are missing.....and Sarah has a missing sister......
Also.........this is by order of HEIGHT.........not age.....if you wonder why Anne is stuck near the younger girls.......even though she is the oldest
And lastly, I share the last photo my old camera took before is quit......a photo I adore.....because I wanted to get to Disneyland when it oponed and these three were the only ones out of at least 15 kids who wanted to get going, too, on our last day there......and, because they are so sweet.....

My Sarah and my nieces Kaydance & Venice
September 2008
Birthday Blessings!
Love, Aunt Chari

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Two Cousins......Two Birthdays Today! And, maybe another!

September 28th is the day my kids remember two of their cousins' birthdays........

First, we begin with Hudson, who is Malachy's TWIN COUSIN, because they are only three weeks apart in we see the two of them in a photo journal. Hudson, since he was quite young, has always been goofy in front of the camera whenever we try to take a photo of the two of them together......the birthday boy is the one with the glasses...he is EIGHT years old today!!!! The fella in the green is my wee fella........Malachy.


We love you & miss you & pray you have a blessed day!!!!!

Then, their Cousin Suzanne.......who is probably the cutest baby & toddler I have ever seen......was also born on this day......23 years ago. I remember when her father called to tell me her mom was in labor, so I could pray for of my favorite things to do.......pray for a woman "in the pangs of childbirth"....which, interestingly where Suzanne will be finding herself soon, as she is expecting her third child soon. We are remembering her, and her sister Clara and her sister-in-law Christine who are also due soon....Clara any our daily Memorare for expectant moms.

Here are two photos of Suzanne in her early adorable.

Below is a photo of the last time we saw Suzanne, in the summer of 2007, due any moment with her second child, Emily. Seated with her is her husband Adam and their adorable child, Benjamin.

And, the other birthday we will celebrate today is for PATTY, our friend, who we see or talk to almost daily.........kind enough to tutor my wayward children in math. :) Oh, and sewing, too!
Birthday blessings to all of you!
Please leave a note of greeting if you like for the birthday folks.....
With love,

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Little Ballroom Dancing!

Here are two videos of the four younger children and their friends dancing on an August Saturday night at "open ballroom" held in a hall built in 1906...where generations of people have danced....and where the swing was danced in its hey day! They had only had one lesson as of that night...and have since improved....more videos later.....

I am still trying to figure out why I have no sound on my videos......sorry about that! Just play any song on your will work! Even if it is Lynyrd Skynyrd...ask me how I know! :)

The first is Malachy, 7 yo, dancing with Peggy, one of their instructors.

Looks like Garrett, 12 yo & Sarah, 16 yo are dancing below.....followed by Dan, 19yo, dancing with the instructor, peggy.......and then Sierra, 16 yo & her brother Kyle, 15 yo....and my Maddelyn, 14 yo, dancing with Gavin, 17 yo. You may notice a cute little 7 yo "waltzing" throughout the video....he was partnerless....and wanting to's a fella to do, but dance with an imaginary partner!

Have a blessed Sunday!

Love, Chari

Friday, September 25, 2009

Clever Video!

I think some of my usual readers.....all three of you!.... may find this enjoyable!
I like the music.

Blessings on your day!
Love, Chari

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Sweet Godson Turns One Year Old Today!!

Happy birthday to Buster!

It was such a blessing to be asked to be Benedict's godmother....and, it has been such a blessing to watch him grow and reach those month-by-month developmental milestones.

I have seen him most of the months of his first year, and sometimes, I even took pictures of him. :)

We follow a year in the life of Benny!

Just a day before his October three weeks of age.


A bath before he is baptized........

As the Baptismal ceremony starts........a Lebanese priest, Bennie's parents: John & Gloria, and his god parents, Uncle Billy and me, holding the wee babe.....

Bennie wanted to scream during the ceremony........he was willing to suck on my finger :)

Newly baptized & now a Child of God.....

...held by his 80-something their hands...lovely.

Held by his one and only brother, after a bath at my house at about age 4 months.

The five month old with the drooly face.......


Now, down below follows a photo story of a visit to my house in May, whereby his father, John, introduces him to my Golden Retrievers, Sadie & Strider.......who love 7 month old Bennie, of course......and find that he tastes pretty good when they get a lick or two in.........

This is my FAVORITE photo of Benny, so far!

Gotta love that smile.......all three of them! :)

Is he cute????!!!!

Eight months old.......and walking around my house.


Swimming at Castle Lake during our annula catholic Homeschool campout.........

Cute.....8 months old.

Hanging with dad at the lake! Notice the clone-like resemblance, since birth?? It is one of the most amazing resemblances I have ever seen!

Learning about watermelon........


In the above photo, John & Benny sit in the lake.....Benny started out quite unhappy.......

...slowly adjusting........


This is 10 month old Benny entertaining the family in San Francisco.....the day Matthew left for Switzerland. He was going around in circles like a dog chasing his tail...till the video came on.......of course....

And, once he figured out how to clap....he gave up the tail-chasing. :)
Thank you, John & Gloria, for the opportunity to be a spiritual mother to your sweet son.
I am very excited to watch him grow and I promise to help you take good care of him...and to take lots of pictures for you! :)
Love and blessings on this birthday day!
Love, Chari

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to a One Year Old!

Our sweet little Jaylen............... one today!

She still looks like her great-grandma.
Jaylen is my youngest sister's youngest.
Is she sweet, or what?
Here is what the little darling had to say on her birthday..........
She is freaking out over the sound of the mixer, while they make her birthday cupcakes. must play this!
Jaylen.........we wish you many happy cupcakes, Sweetie!
Aunt Chari & Uncle Marty & Cousins

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I knew I would be Betsy Ray!

How about you? Take the quiz and see!

Which Betsy-Tacy character are you?
Your Result: Betsy Ray

As a child, Betsy is lively and imaginative, a story-teller and a ring-leader. As she grows up, Betsy is popular with both boys and girls because of her fun spirit and love of a good time. She loves traditions, having fun, parties, and boys, but she sometimes undervalues herself and her talents. In the end she learns to love her true self and comes to realize and value her love of writing, and makes her dream a reality. Although she has had many beaus, she ends up with the one best suited to her (Joe Willard!), who understands her love of writing and encourages her to be her real self.

Tib Muller
Carney Sibley
Tacy Kelly
Julia Ray
Emily Webster
Winona Root
Irma Biscay
Which Betsy-Tacy character are you?
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lotsa love,