Monday, June 4, 2007

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Eleven

Saturday, June 2: Day Eleven

We were able to get out early and get to mass at Saint Mary's. We saw the home of "Tom Playfair" of the Father Finn of our favorite authors. We just love everything we have read written by Father read alouds (beware, there is a murder in two of the books....I just kind of left gory details out). Great Catholic morals, with great boys.

Then we headed across eastern Kansas to Missouri......we noticed the changed of the land to more trees, and some low hills......compared to Kansas which has even smaller hills.

We had a picnic and spent some time at the Frontier Trails Museum in Independence, Missouri.
What a great idea for a museum! Many of the trails out west started here in Independence: Oregon trail, and thus the Morman Trail and California Trail, and the Santa Fe Trail, too.

Then, we had a very long drive to St. Louis.......not sure why it took so really wasn't, but the drive was a bit hard because there was nothing much to see......

We got to our hotel, checked in...and checked out (as in, fell asleep pretty quick :) )

Nice enough hotel......

Can you tell I am too tired to be writing right now??? :)



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