Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Thirty-Seven

Thursday, June 28th, Day Thirty-Seven:

I have had many dreams since I was a young girl, of things I had hoped to accomplish. Today, one of those dreams was unexpectedly fulfilled.

Was it getting to see and explore Old Ironsides, the USS Constitution, the oldest still floating battleship in the world??? Cool as that was......nope!

Was it walking in the footsteps of Paul Revere, in his own home, in his neighborhood (that seems to be VERY Italian now.....LOTS of Catholic Churches!) or in the Old North Church where a special lantern was shown in the belfry late one night??? Nope, that was not it either.

Ready? I got to go see The Boston Pops, in person! I just happened to notice that they were playing tonight, and they had some of their cheaper tickets still available (not really cheap, unless you compare it to a Broadway show) seven pretty good seats, sitting right on the side where we could see quite well. I have always loved the Pops, as long as I can remember. I have always loved John Williams...he was not there tonight, except in a video :)

It was everything I hoped it would be.....and the kids were thrilled. The concert hall is just gorgeous. There were two Broadway stars there to sing at least 6 songs......and we were there for the Pops Star contest.....we got to hear the three finalists sing and then vote for one of them....and the winner was announced at the concert.

The theme was called "Oscar and Tony" with all of the selections being taken from former Best Pictures or Best Musicals. The kids and I, even Malachy, could really relate to the music.

More later....we have a huge day ahead of us tomorrow, as we leave the Boston area,.....but just barely......not sure when we will be able to post again on this trip....could be not until July 6th.......keep praying for our safety....and two missing items of importance. :/

Happy early 4th of July!!! We will be fighting the crowds at Niagara Falls on that night. I promise we will be missing our favorite haunt on the 4th......we have not missed a year at Lake Siskiyou in, years!

With love,


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Thirty-Six

Wednesday, June 27th, Day Thirty-Six:

Wow, I am all caught up on my blog (yeah, I know there are a lot of blank spots......but I am actually journaling about today, TODAY!)!

I stayed up WAY too late last night (let's just say that I only got five hours of sleep last night...ugh), getting some laundry done. Our hotel in NYC had no laundry, most of us were down to one set of clean clothes.......beginning to feel a bit desperate, you know :)

I was delighted to learn that our room in Boston is across from the guest laundry....VERY convenient! Got two loads clean last night, and got up early and got two more done......saved one for tonight......that is how I have time for writing tonight. It will be late again when I am done.....but hey, the clothes will all be clean! We have done very well on this trip making do with what we brought, and other than poor Maddelyn who kept getting her pajama bottoms neglected (mostly my fault), not much fussing about clothes. I wonder if we will have trouble looking at our clothes again after living in the same outfits for 8 weeks. Oh, this is all I own for, I am out of luck anyway.

Enough about laundry.....

We gathered ourselves this morning and walked to the "T"......the subway system in Boston. It was only a half mile walk......but, oh my goodness! It was hot! We saw on the news this morning it was to be about 96* in Boston, but more humid than yesterday (NO! Say it ain't so!!) and that it would feel more like 100*. Well, it actually felt MORE than 100*, since it WAS 100*! I rarely sweat.....this was definitely one of those days....phew! We have had great weather on the majority of our trip.....our only two days in Boston are supposed to be very hot. Tomorrow it is supposed to be cooler....about 90*, along with thunder showers in the afternoon (which after our Kansas and Pennsylvannia storms we do plan to take seriously :) ) And, by Saturday, only 76*. Can't wait :)

My friend Micki just sent me an email......she said Boston would seem tame, after NYC. She is SO right. It is definitely not as tall.......the subway system is quite simplistic.....WAY less crowds.

I have come to believe since we are professional tourists right now, that it is coloring our visits to the sites. On any other trip to the Statue of Liberty, I am sure I would have been very awed, but, we KEEP being awed across our beautiful country......and I guess we are coming to expect AWE as just something that happens to us almost every day for 8 weeks. Thus, our AWE is less intense than I think it would have been. I thought today: WOW, we are in Boston......oh, wow, we were just in NYC......and just before that we explored DC......and so on. It is becoming commonplace. Definitely NOT a complaint, just an observation. And, a very exciting existence it is. We will be glad to be home, but we will miss our country. We all miss NYC.

We arrived at the Boston Commons straight off the T. A beautiful park! America's oldest public park. We took a few pictures in the park. And, we took a wrong turn (yeah, I was responsible for that....)......which took us to Boston Public Gardens, another beautiful park....with a lake and swan boats. That wrong turn took us to the popular statues of "Make Way For Ducklings" that memorialize the ducks in Robert McCloskey's book of the same name. I have loved this author since I was a kid....I had wanted to see the statues....but I did not know where they were located in Boston, so this was serendipitous! While it was fortunate the wrong direction found me those ducks, it did cost us time and another long walk on a VERY hot day. Malachy could barely keep up. He rode piggyback on various backs.

Finally, we found the visitor's center on the edge of the Commons, bought a map of The Freedom Trail, and started, FINALLY, on our merry way.......backtracking yet again, poor kids. For those of you not familiar with The Freedom Trail, it is a red line-marked, or bricked, on the side walk, guiding walkers from one historical building or site to another. These were "the gathering places of the patriots, the incubators of revolution.....the buildings where American resistance to the British Crown was born, grew, and flourished....until eventually, the only alternative was war and independence."

Our plan for the day was to do as much of the Freedom Trail (FT) as we could till 3:30pm and then head to the Museum of Fine Arts, as it was free today from 4pm till 9:45pm.

After the Boston Commons, the next stop on the FT is:

Massachusetts State House
We took a self-guided tour. It is beautiful inside. In the first room, there was a display to represent every soldier lost in the war with Iraq.......a closer look showed that each "soldier" was made out of a tea bag. Never did find out what that was about. And, then each was dressed to look like a person, with a name on it.

This building was begun in 1795, when Samuel Adams was governor. Paul Revere was involved in putting copper on the dome, which is now gilded in gold. John Hancock's mansion used to be on what is now the west lawn at the was demolished in 1863. :(


It took us (yeah, it was me again) at least five minutes to figure out where the FT picked up again......but, it brought us to...

Park Street Church

It is currently surrounded by scaffolding. We just took a few minutes look inside. Outside, it is lovely to behold, but not a very pretty church inside. It was built in 1809. In 1829, on the 4th of July, "My Country Tis of Thee" was first sung on its steps. It was "manned" by a sweet young girl, and they provided cups of ice nice that was!!

Next to the church is the......

Granary Burying Ground

...and my laundry is dry and needs folding.....hope to finish up tomorrow. It is late.



Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Thirty-Five

Tuesday, June 26th, Day Thirty-Five:

Very hot and humid.....spent day in Plymouth, MA

Reserved for journaling.....


Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Thirty-Four

Monday, June 25th, Day Thirty-Four:

Reserved for journaling......

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Thirty-Three

Sunday, June 24th, Day Thirty-Three:

Reserved for future journaling :)

If we were asked, "What did you do today?"

It would be.............."We rode the New York subway." :/

Visited the Metropolitan of Art, including the Cloisters and made it to the American Girl Place for a shopping look around.

Found a lovely copy of Robert Louis Stevenson's poetry with beautiful art.

FINALLY, Malachy got his ice cream in NYC.......we sat on the steps of the New York Public Library while we enjoyed our ice cream.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Thirty-Two

Saturday, June 23rd, Day Thirty-Two:

big items: went to American National History Museum........we were, it is NOT like A Night at the Museum......walked a bit in Central Park.....more later

somehow, we found ourselves some seats, very high up, but still in the theater :) for Phantom of the Opera

heading for bed.....


Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Thirty-One

Friday, June 22nd, Day Thirty-One

wow...I really thought I would be able to post while I was here in NYC.......guess I was wrong. Not surprised...we have been quite busy!

so, we hit the road, I mean subway, and spent the day exploring:

~Liberty Island and the Statue
~Ellis Island and Museum
~walked up to Ground Zero
~Museum of Modern Art.......we got to see STARRY, STARRY NIGHT by Vincent Van Gogh..WAY COOL....I had not told the kids....who were wondering why I was SO emphatic about getting to the MoMA...they know modern art is not really my preference...I took them up to the gallery where it hangs....and they caught it by surprise.......I loved seeing their faces as each of them realized what they were seeing. :) I wish I could go see it again.....we also saw Picasso's THREE MUSICIANS.......another dear "friend" of ours. Surprisingly, we met another friend at MoMA........quite a few paintings from Winslow Homer. Very cool. For those of you who do not know........we have studied A LOT of artists in our homeschooling years.......and the artists DO become like "friends"
~walked up 5th Avenue
~Times Square, at night.......was not as "scary" as I thought it would be with the kids. We actually were there for sunset, and dinner.

Of course, many details are left out.....temporarily, I hope :)


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Thirty

Thursday, June 12st, Day Thirty:

Half-way thru the day today, was our half-way mark for getting ourselves home......something we are happy to take note of...... :)

Kids are feeling better today for most one seems to have a fever. So far, Sarah and her driver are untouched by the cooties.......please God to keep the driver well......PLEASE, God?

~visit Sagamore Hill, home of???? Anyone know off-hand???? Okay, I will tell: Theodore Roosevelt. It was so lovely and peaceful there.......a different peaceful than Monticello and Mount Vernon........this home was only 100 years old. :) We just love of our favorite presidents. We had the funniest tour guide.......he would only give us information about the house, if WE asked him questions.

The bummer part of this day, was that a screw fell out of my glasses.....and, as I am legally blind without them....we have a big problem. Luckily my sunglasses are prescription......but, it was terribly dark in Theodore's house since it was only gaslight lit (pretend).

Had to get Shawna and Marty's help in finding a Lenscrafter's nearby.......and then the difficulty was a store employee who had no idea how to get me to her her store.......

...finally got there, and got fixed up.....and some extra screws of the RIGHT case this happens in South Dakota.

Got stuck then driving during the peak traffic time into New York City. Still not sure why it there was no traffic OUT of the city, but only INTO it. Passed the strangest cemetery on the way in....found hotel easily....found lots of interesting things about the hotel.....

We took the evening off, ate dinner in room, watched "42nd Street".ate popcorn.........

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Twenty-Nine

Wednesday, June 20th, Day Twenty-Nine:

So, I am several days behind....I will put up the next couple of days quickly.....AND.....briefly.....and then more filler...someday (sigh)

Left Lancaster, Pennsylvania, according to our hostess, Michele, the oldest inland city in the country. It was WAYYYY to short of a visit. Loved the hospitality......and the conversations.

This morning found the three youngest with fevers.......but, we pressed on......and spread our germs as discreetly as possible in Philadelphia (aren't you glad you were not there? :) )

Missed an exit for Philly....what a pain THAT was....... almost as much as the pain of finding parking in Philly around the historical sites......that, and water to drink.

We took a self-guided tour around the area, seeing the Liberty Bell, etc......but NOT the inside of Independence Hall......disappointing my children is ALL my fault :(

By the end of the tour, the two oldest had fevers.......please God that the mom (driver) stays immune.

Left for Long Island at peak traffic, it was easy going!

Crossed the longest suspension bridge in the US (is it Verrazano??? Cannot remember)....and camped in a state park. Got the tent set up just moments before dark. Phew!

We had to pay almost $20 bucks for tolls on roads and bridges......crazy.

..........till next time


Friday, June 22, 2007

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Twenty-Eight

Tuesday, June 19th, Day Twenty-Eight:

Oh, so hot and so humid.......two shrines in one could meet us...that was okay.....way too hot for anyone to be out and about.....including us :)

....brief foray into Gettysburg one last time....

...another bad thunderstorm, though not as bad or as long as Kansas..... safely to Hershey's Chocolate World......can you say: Overstimlation and commercialism at its best...or, would that be WORST????

......forced to leave due to bad rains and winds.......trying to be as bad as storm in Kansas........prayed two emergency novenas, to the Blessed Mother......rains eased...yay!

...made it safely to Michele's, where she so graciously fed us a late dinner.......

.....her kids seemed to mesh well with mine.....I loved that her son Anthony....or, was it Kevin??? kept playing games with Malachy. Made his night....he LOVES to play games....the older kids all played Poker for a bit and then had a late night conversation on the front porch.....where the storm finally got as bad as the storm in Kansas....though not for as long....but definitely bright and loud and WET! I was just so grateful to not be actually driving.

Michele's baby a sweetheart and quite social....a very good way to get a baby-fix! :)

Ah, man....not sure yet, but it seems as if Malachy and Maddelyn have high fevers.....they are burning up something hot! be continued...already up WAY too late!



Monday, June 18, 2007

Our Star-Spangled Adventure: Day Twenty-Seven

Monday, June 18th, Day Twenty-Seven:

Got some cool fabric for my Star-Spangled Quilt at a Mennonite store. It has a sweet note that reads: SEE THE USA...and then is covered with Saint Louis Arches, Mount Rushmores, Old Faithful Geysers from Yellowstone, Empire State Buildings, Statues of Liberty, Jefferson Memorials, Washington Monuments...things we are seeing on THIS well as a few things from our other trips: The Seattle Space needle, "Hollywood" signs, Golden Gate Bridge.....there is a mission, too......I THINK it MAY be the Alamo, which we have NOT seen...but, it just looks like a California Mission...which we have seen MANY is in Americana colors and SO appropriate for my quilt.

Also, went to a bookstore, found a great quilt picture book to add to our quilt picture book collection :) I do not have the title here.......hoping to mail it home tomorrow.

And, we stopped by a Mennonite Farmer's market.

On the way home, we finsihed our visit to the New Market Battlefield, walking the "Field of Lost Shoes"....very touching....and, on our way from the viewpoint over the Shenandoah River, it began to rain really hard on us......we got quite saoked by the time we got to the car. Felt good because it was at least 93* and the humidity is quite high. I guess tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter! We will be outside a lot tomorrow.

After dinner, we all went to "Katie's" for ice cream cones. Quite delicious...and, they even had a non-dairy for my younger vegan...the oldest one was not there.

I got groceries for the next leg of our trip......we leave here in the morn.

It may be a while before I get back here....till then, you are all in our prayers.....


Our Star-Spangled Adventure: Day Twenty-Six

Sunday, June 17th, Day Twenty-Six:

Hmm.....still not at the half-way mark.....that comes in three days. It is amazing, isn't it? Matthew and I agree that it still only feels like about two weeks.

I am a bit sleepy.....WHAT DID we do today......oh, yeah, I remember! It was the first day we could sleep in.......I think we slept till nine...not sure...can't remember :)

We drove to another town for Mass at 12:30pm....came back to our hostess' home (Miss Laureen's and her Prince Charming, Todd).....dropped off the youngest two kids and Anne, too, picked up one of their teens...and headed in the opposite direction to drive 45 minutes to see the third PIRATES movie.

If you have not seen it yet, it IS better than the disappointing second one. I surprised my sleepy self by NOT falling asleep. :)

We then drove back to our host-home and the teens walked to the Shenandoah River, and as it was dusk, I drove to pick them up.........needing SOME help, as I forgot to ask directions BEFORE I hit the road. :) It is SO beautiful down there.

NOT sure how our evening ended.......I will have to ask someone. I DO remember that Miss Laureen went upstairs to put HER baby to sleep...and, before she came back down....I went downstairs to help MY wee fella to sleep....and we both missed each other....that keeps happening. Argh. :/

Have a lovely night.....I got a great sunset picture tonight!


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Our Star-Spangled Adventure: Day Twenty-Five

Saturday, June 16th, Day Twenty-Five:

all I have to say right now is: DID YOU KNOW IT COST $3.50 TO WASH A LOAD OF LAUNDRY!!!????!!!!! Sheesh!

And, that does not include the dryer, which is 25 cents for 7 minutes...which is okay to me.....I only paid 75 cents for only two of the drying times.....

highlights today, and then at least I am caught up on my days, for NOW:

Frontier Culture Museum, with our friends, including a picnic sweetly provided by our friends

a stop at another Civil War Battlefield: New Market, in was great, I am glad Miss Laureen sent us there...we learned a lot and made a few connections....more later

Had another yummy meal with our friends

Matthew joined me on his first experience to a laundry mat: see above...

good night!


Our Star-Spangled Adventure: Day Twenty-Four

Friday, June 15th, Day Twenty-Four:

After I woke up the second time this morning. I asked: Was Papa here, or was it all just a dream??? It seems so surreal....

Highlights only:

Marty to airport, too early :)

Slept, sort of, for two more hours.

took forever to pack car :/

met an internet friend in person (hi, Rachel!) with six of the sweetest kids :)

went to Civil War battlefield: Manassas, with Rachel and kids, had a very informative guided tour (big kids listened, while moms and littles chatted and ran and play---YOU figure out who did what :) )

Said goodbye to Mary Chris and family at the battlefield :( We So enjoyed our visit with them...and it was WAY TOO all of our visits have been with everyone :(

Drove to another friends' home, in the Shenadoah Valley, in time for a yummy dinner

This is mine and Malachy's second time here at Miss Laureen's home...Anne's third....and everyone else's first. We know this family beause Anne and the oldest became pen pals when Laureen and I met on a Catholic homeschool email list. Who knew what would happen with that! Some of you may remember Anne and her "other" best friend traveling to Virginia to be in a wedding two years ago....this is THAT family. :)

Marty is safely home on the other side of this wonderful Star-Spangled country.

Goonight for now.


Our Star Spangled Adventure: Day Twenty Three

Thursday, June 14th, Day Twenty-Three:

I am so glad I never went to Mount Vernon the other two times I was in the DC area.......because it was so wonderful with its "new" visitor center and gallery and education center.....those centers added so much to the visit.

It was a wonderful and peaceful place to be after being in Dc all week, a nice change of pace (till we hit the DC traffic on the way home......blech). We took a tour with a guide who gave us the most incredible "lecture"about slave-life at Mount Vernon......our whole group was spellbound, I do believe. The Potomac was lovely to behold......I could see why George was attached to his home :)

Today was Marty's last day with us.......we are sad. It DEFINITELY makes us more homesick to see him go.

We stayed up WAY TOO late tonight........2am.......and Marty needs to be at the airport by 0620!

Happy Birthday to my Grandma today! She is 86! She is the reason I started the blog :) I called her tonight to wish her a happy birthday.....good thing there is a three hour difference in time.....I called her after midnight on the east coast! I forgot to ask her if she received the birthday card I sent to her.......the next day I saw some stamps for, when did they raise the price of stamps???? How did I miss THAT??? So, now I know she did not get my card...because MY stamp was 2 cents short...grrrr. Well, it will be waiting for me at home, I guess......


Friday, June 15, 2007

Our Star-Spangled Adventure: Day Twenty-Two

Wednesday, June 13th, Day Twenty-Two:

Today we checked out of the hotel.....saw a SWAT team arrive just as we were leaving......I guess there was a murder, I have heard, on the same street where we were that "safe" neighborhood" the hotel manager insisted his hotel was a part of.....yuck. Could not find anything on google about it, though...

Parked our car at Arlington National Cemetery...witnessed the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers....visited the graves of JFK and Jackie......did some "teaching" with the cutest little boy at the site....

......then took the Metro back to DC and spent several hours at the National Holocaust Museum and Memorial.....there was a photo of a young man there that looked very much like my dad.....very weird......

.......Metro back to Arlington

.....and then, we experienced the lovely DC late afternoon escape (that would be "really SLoooooWwwww traffic)........we made it back to Mary Chris' house & Marty bought some pizza for dinner and the kids were happy to be able to play together again. That was Malachy's goal all along during our visit to get back to "Mary Christmas' " house to play with her boys. :)

Only one more day with will be sad to see him go......but what a blessing for all of us to be in DC together for a week........not sure if it makes us MORE or LESS homesick to spend a week with him........

Thanks for all of your travel prayers! We need them! And, we appreciate them!
You are all in our 54 day Rosary novena......ALL of ALL of your intentions!


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Twenty-One

Tuesday, June 12th, Day Twenty-One, I think :)

Feet really the Metro figured out now :)

Spent day visiting the National Gallery of Art, the National Archives, dinner at Union Station (otherwise known to us country folk: Over-stimulation Station) and topping it off with a three hour tour of the Monuments on a Twilight bus tour.

Achefully yours,


Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Twenty

oh, man do our feet ache...long and busy walking day in DC :)

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Nineteen be forthcoming.....

arrive in DC, see National Basilica

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Eighteen be re-visited soon.....

Think Monticello!

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Seventeen be shared soon.....

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Sixteen be explored soon......

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Fifteen

Wednesday, June 6th, Day Fifteen:


stopped at best quilt store yet for fat quarters

drove to Zanesville, Ohio, home of my father-in-law's teen years

visited Cousins Michelle who created a very yummy dinner for us (thank you!), with cousins Emily and Michael present, too

Drove to see some family sites with Michelle

Stopped for fun visit with Cousins Denny and Jody....scrumptious cookies and coffee cake (thanks!)

Drove into the dark, to a point just past Steubenville, Ohio, to stay with our friend Molly and her sweet family......

To be elaborated, soo, I hope! :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Fourteen

Tuesday June 5th, Day Fourteen:

Depart from hotel

Take a very cool tour with a special docent, who hand-picked us :) at the Shakespeare play the night before :), at the Saint Louis Museum of Art, ALWAYS free to cool is that??

Drive through Illinois on the way to Indiana.

This was the first family to visit, who we actually MET ahead of time....... like over 17 years ago!

Andrea was the midwife for our three homebirths: Matthew, Sarah & Maddelyn's........but she is really more like family.

It was like coming home, to arrive at our dear friend's home. Visiting Andrea and her family was so much fun. It was so sad to be there for only 14 hours. :(

...but, Andrea managed to pack in those short hours:

~a yummy mexican-flavored dinner, ready to eat on our arrival at 9pm!
~watermelon for dessert
~s'mores over a backyard fire (it was almost midnight by then!)
~a soak in the hot tub
~great conversation, with Andrea, Phil and Helena
~complete 2 loads of laundry
~a solid night's sleep
~apple pie and ice cream for breakfast!

I am glad that Anne and Helena, who first played together before they were two years to reconnect.

Their home is lovely and so THEM! We sure miss them in Mount Shasta! They said we were their first Mount Shasta visitors....we were happy to oblige. :)

Good night......more as soon as possible!

Yes, I KNOW I am behind :)

Monday, June 4, 2007

Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Thirteen

Monday, June 4th: Day Thirteen

getting way too tired now.....

St Louis Zoo

Explore part of Forest Park, home of the 1904 World's Fair

See "Much Ado About Nothing"......western style......GREAT!!!!!!!

That's it! :)


not sure when I will be back online again......


Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Twelve

Sunday, June 3rd: Day Twelve

Attended mass in a beautiful old church in St. Louis

Spent the day at the Jefferson National Expansion Monument (I THINK that is the official name)......included visiting the Arch (Gateway to the, I wonder, since I am going it the BACKDOOR to the EAST??? :) ), the Courthouse where the Dred Scott Decision (and trials) took place (do YOU know your history?) and the Expansion Museum underneath the Arch. Oh, and the St. Louis Cathedral, too.

We also took a fun boatride on the Mississippi River. The boat was the TOM SAWYER. It was the first time we all saw the Mississippi River.

Then we headed to the hotel for dinner and a movie on Anne's computer: The Flower Drum Song...a musical by Rodgers & to all of them.

Mom fell asleep before it was over, as did Malachy and Garrett, too.


Our Star Spangled Adventure Day Eleven

Saturday, June 2: Day Eleven

We were able to get out early and get to mass at Saint Mary's. We saw the home of "Tom Playfair" of the Father Finn of our favorite authors. We just love everything we have read written by Father read alouds (beware, there is a murder in two of the books....I just kind of left gory details out). Great Catholic morals, with great boys.

Then we headed across eastern Kansas to Missouri......we noticed the changed of the land to more trees, and some low hills......compared to Kansas which has even smaller hills.

We had a picnic and spent some time at the Frontier Trails Museum in Independence, Missouri.
What a great idea for a museum! Many of the trails out west started here in Independence: Oregon trail, and thus the Morman Trail and California Trail, and the Santa Fe Trail, too.

Then, we had a very long drive to St. Louis.......not sure why it took so really wasn't, but the drive was a bit hard because there was nothing much to see......

We got to our hotel, checked in...and checked out (as in, fell asleep pretty quick :) )

Nice enough hotel......

Can you tell I am too tired to be writing right now??? :)



Friday, June 1, 2007

Our Star Spangled Adventure-Day Ten

Day Ten:

Okay, short list, just to remind me later:

Arrived VERY late to our new friends in Kansas.......such hospitality!

We awakened to yummy donuts and cinnamon rolls.....very sweet! No pun intended!

Anne and I got some fat quarters...she barely got her two........I had a hard time deciding between about 50 colors that were just right for my quilt.

Mary Alice took us to eat at Toto's Tacoz, and then to visit the Wizard of Oz Museum......very cool.

And, then a brief visit to the Emerald City Market, where Mary Alice purchased Rose Petal chocolate to share.....mmmmm....and Maddelyn chose lavender chocolate....sharing a bit, too.

Went to St. Mary's and visited a local museum with a great guide who followed us around explaining so much....a real treat.

Finally realized a 20-some year dream.......visit the campus of St. Mary's. Tom Playfair of Father Finn books attended the boy's college there in the 1860's. Originally an indian mission, then a boys college run by the Jesuits, and then a Jesuit seminary.......eventually closing. Now is a very active parish for Traditional Catholics. I knew we were close by when I saw girls all over the place in dresses, even little girls on bikes. It was a dead-give-away :)

Bought a new CD of Anthony DeLallo's at their wonderful bookstore.......see his website: I think it is I will have to check later. He has an amazing voice........if you like Josh will love Anthony. He is the great-nephew of my godmother. I think there are music samples at his website.

Then, home to our hostess, Mary Alice and family, for some more Kansas hospitality: yummy vegetarian lasagne followed by rootbeer floats, and fire flies! This was the first time everyone has met with fireflies, except Anne who met them in Virginia that first year. Mary Alice is surprised we do not have any in the west........I do not know you think it is the lack of much humidity???

Thanks, Mary Alice, for the Oz treat!

Night....this was unexpectedly not much of a short list. :) Hey, at least we did not have to actually DRIVE in the storms tonight!

Please pray for good and DRY weather for the next week , oh, or two months :)


Our Star Spangled Adventure-Day Nine

Day Nine:

Hmmmm.........what to say about THIS day???? The day that my children will never forget, no matter what. :)

Have you ever been in a Kansas thunderstorm???? WOW...there is nothing like it. An extremely unique experience. I hope to journal more about it......but I need to head to bed.

Also, experienced a ride on the Kit Carson County Carousel (did I spell that right?)...look it up on google to see its history. Very cool. I got confused and ordered 8 tokens...oops...forgot there were only seven of us. We sure miss Marty.

And, Lissa talked us into visiting the Prairie Art and History museum. Very cool, but we only had one hour there due to the fact that someone (me????) did not realize that the central time zone starts in early, we were immediately one hour behind. Go figure. I wonder when the estern time zone changes? I better check before I head out......I did not figure that into any of my days.....oops. At least on the way home, I will gain time. That will be really nice.....

And lastly, we DID get to see the Cathedral of the Plains.......but we were sadly too late to enter it, due to the first part of our rain storm experience. Gorgeous.......look it up on google. The cemetery there was so beautiful, too. We had a lovely rainbow experience...

......and, that was more than I thought I would write...... :)

Thanks for visiting!

Our Star Spangled Adventure-Day Eight

Day Eight: Just some quick notes...hopefully more later...yeah, same old story :)

Boy, did we over sleep this morning! I think Gwen was kinda suprprised ;) So were we! We got a late start out of Denver...but extra time to visit Gwen's family :)

Groceries are very expensive at Wild Oats........we will probably NOT being shopping there again...ouch!

Drove to see a beautiful church recently built just outside of Denver. Lit some candles......found a life size statue of Saint Frances Cabrini, a major patroness of our adventure. She traveled these here United States like crazy, back in the 1800's. Ended up there too long due to a very helpful tour guide. :)

Drove through the back roads of the high plains of Colorado to visit our friend Kim in an out of the way (I'll say! :)) there way later than we planned due to the aforementioned reasons. I don't think I have ever stood in Cailfornia, anywhere, and seen NO mountains somewhere. Have you? We got a picture of the far we have got a sunset picture in every state, sometimes in different places in the same state. One of my children had cutely asked if the sun sets over the Atlantic Ocean in the east :) Guess we needed that geography lesson. :)....don't worry.......we got it firgured out now.......along with the Continental Divide. How cool is that to LIVE your geography!

Loved visiting with Kim...wish we had more time......appreciate their hospitality....dinner, homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, beautiful music played by her almost 17 yo son, a comfy travel trailer to sleep in....much warmer than a campsite (trust me), cute dog, cats, calf, goats and kids and a few assorted horses, and chickens, too....oh, and adorable children :) Of course, when Matthew held her 6mo baby.....the wee lass fell asleep on his shoulder.

And, that's it for now........