Saturday, June 16, 2007

Our Star-Spangled Adventure: Day Twenty-Four

Friday, June 15th, Day Twenty-Four:

After I woke up the second time this morning. I asked: Was Papa here, or was it all just a dream??? It seems so surreal....

Highlights only:

Marty to airport, too early :)

Slept, sort of, for two more hours.

took forever to pack car :/

met an internet friend in person (hi, Rachel!) with six of the sweetest kids :)

went to Civil War battlefield: Manassas, with Rachel and kids, had a very informative guided tour (big kids listened, while moms and littles chatted and ran and play---YOU figure out who did what :) )

Said goodbye to Mary Chris and family at the battlefield :( We So enjoyed our visit with them...and it was WAY TOO all of our visits have been with everyone :(

Drove to another friends' home, in the Shenadoah Valley, in time for a yummy dinner

This is mine and Malachy's second time here at Miss Laureen's home...Anne's third....and everyone else's first. We know this family beause Anne and the oldest became pen pals when Laureen and I met on a Catholic homeschool email list. Who knew what would happen with that! Some of you may remember Anne and her "other" best friend traveling to Virginia to be in a wedding two years ago....this is THAT family. :)

Marty is safely home on the other side of this wonderful Star-Spangled country.

Goonight for now.


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