Friday, June 1, 2007

Our Star Spangled Adventure-Day Nine

Day Nine:

Hmmmm.........what to say about THIS day???? The day that my children will never forget, no matter what. :)

Have you ever been in a Kansas thunderstorm???? WOW...there is nothing like it. An extremely unique experience. I hope to journal more about it......but I need to head to bed.

Also, experienced a ride on the Kit Carson County Carousel (did I spell that right?)...look it up on google to see its history. Very cool. I got confused and ordered 8 tokens...oops...forgot there were only seven of us. We sure miss Marty.

And, Lissa talked us into visiting the Prairie Art and History museum. Very cool, but we only had one hour there due to the fact that someone (me????) did not realize that the central time zone starts in early, we were immediately one hour behind. Go figure. I wonder when the estern time zone changes? I better check before I head out......I did not figure that into any of my days.....oops. At least on the way home, I will gain time. That will be really nice.....

And lastly, we DID get to see the Cathedral of the Plains.......but we were sadly too late to enter it, due to the first part of our rain storm experience. Gorgeous.......look it up on google. The cemetery there was so beautiful, too. We had a lovely rainbow experience...

......and, that was more than I thought I would write...... :)

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