Friday, October 31, 2008

Haven Heartbeats

So, it is just about midnight here.....all is very quiet inside the house. As it should be.

Oh, the fire is popping, since I just added a few fresh logs.

Outside? The wind is singing in a high pitched voice, with the sound of Gregorian Chant playing on my chimes that are hanging on the porch.

It is quite blustery. Blowing rain.

An update on my day........had a great meeting with Shelly, as usual. My head was killing me......I was heading down the migraine road........but, eventually, the headache eased, perhaps about 2pm? Everyone in the house did math. The older girls did a bit more.

The two little boys are having a race to see who can finish their math book first. The winner gets a treat. I brought their next math books in from storage and they had fun flipping through the pages. If not by Monday, then by the middle of the week, they shall be done. I expect they will try to be done by tomorrow night. Kind of a good thing to do inside when it is raining so hard outside. Their energy needs to go somewhere.

In the late afternoon we watched an old Jimmy Stewart movie-I guess all of his movies will be old :)-because Anne and Matthew could watch with us before they ran off to their rehearsal at the college. It was kind of funny...but silly.......and a bit depressing, too. I sewed a futon mattress back together while we viewed, and now Malachy's bed is back in shape, where he is sleeping peacefully.

We had pancakes for dinner.....because it just seemed like the kind of dinner to have on a rain-ravaged evening. I always put chocolate chips in the last few pancakes...and those are gobbled up for dessert. :)

A chapter in The Magician's Nephew........

Please pray for Matthew tomorrow as he takes the SATs.........we expect him to take it twice. This is his first go.

Also, please pray as the older two discern their vocations, and which applications to fill out. :)

Now, off to bed....I was here WAY TOO LONG! It was the computer's moved slowly....we need more memory on this laptop!



Haven Heartbeats

Wow, what a dreary day....definitely looks like November......and, it looks like the next ten days are dreary, too. I am kind of glad it is dreary.......because, as expected, I have PWTS: Post-Work Traumatic Syndrome......and I feel quite dreary. My head hurts......and to have a beautiful day mocking my mood would be just too much for me to endure at this time.

I am glad I do not have to go anywhere today. I do have one appointment coming to me this morning. Our charter school educational specialist is meeting for our monthly get-together, whereby I give her a list of our educational endeavors for the month......and learning samples for each subject.

And, lest anyone decide we must not be homeschooling, because we belong to a charter school....please know that we school AT HOME and do not even attend classes at the site....or rarely, anyway. Nor does anyone tell us what curriculum to use. And, we use Catholic materials when we prefer.........the school just does pay for any religious materials. Not all charter schools are created California, or state to state. Our charter school is awesome, started by teachers who not only believe in alternative education, but who also homeschool their own kids. Some of these teachers are even unschooling their own children. Our teachers are wonderful.

Our own "teacher" is more of a friend or family member we have been with her for over 11 years........Garrett was only 5 months old and the four younger children do not even remember not having Shelly in our lives. We all love her. And, we have shared her with some of our other friends, like Shawna and Louise......and they love her, too. Shelly is also the director, or "principal" of our school.

So, thank you to anyone who prayed for my work day yesterday. It was a smooth day, even if it was a labor patient. :) She was a young girl, and at first it seemed like we would not be bonding turns out she liked my style, which was truly only in response to what I was reading from her........and we did have a lovely day. She was ten centimeters just before the end of my shift and had her baby girl just after my shift ended. Since I had some charting to do, I was able to see the wee lass just before I left. Cute pudgy cheeks from the start!

I could feel the prayer husband and kids were praying for me, too. I felt peace all day.......even though with what went on in my day, I do not always feel such peace. I really appreciate it.

Have a blessed day!



Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Haven Heartbeats

On computers.........I am just spending a few minutes here at the computer. It seems that Blogger and I are friends again. Using Blogger at the college library was nice when it wasn't working at home. At first, I thought it was my internet situation, but even on the high speed, I had trouble. So, it was my computer......but I had no idea what to do about it. Looks fixed now, and, I never had to do anything except pray :) That's what I do first.......and when there is nothing else left to do. :)

On a new email address..........if anyone doesn't know or remember...........our old email, that we have had for over 11 years is no longer after October 31st. So, start using the new one!

On work.........I am not used to being the primary nurse in my department........and am almost exclusively the second, please pray for my day this Thursday, as I am the one on.......but I hear I actually have back-up,this one time! This is due to one of our nurses being out for medical leave for about two months. I hope she gets well soon! :) I have been first nurse a few times lately, and it has gone okay...........even though for a four hour shift one time, I actually had a C-section to do!

Prayers husband and Louise's husband are feeling a bit "under the weather"......and a family member of Louise's is critically ill in the hospital and the family could use prayers. Also, I just heard the dad in another friend's family has had an accident and need prayers, too........urgently. to bed........I told you it was only a few minutes.........and boring ones at that. :)



Monday, October 27, 2008


My Hearts' Haven Daybook

October 26, 2008

On Sunday afternoon.....

Outside My of the most glorious fall days ever in the history of the world! :) I will definitely be spending time outside today! This weekend hovers near 80* weekend will be lucky to reach 60*.

I am thinking........we sure had a great soccer season in this house. Both little boys had great fun and their skills improved immensely. Garrett had an incredibly gifted coach. His team made it to the championship game.........and it ended in a tie.

I am thankful children and a husband who leads them to use their able-bodied-ness by such great example. :)

Marty and Garrett and a friend went out woodcutting.......and brought two loads to our house.

From the kitchen.........cooked a pot of black beans for later this week, baked chicken for sandwiches this week............and Sarah made a veggie soup for dinner, heavy on garden carrots!

I am wearing........camping clothes, of course.....I am winterizing! Flowery old skirt and a flowery old shirt.................short-sleeves because it is almost hot.

I am organized garage, so we will be ready when it falls apart this winter. :)

I am try to get all of these groceries put away that my husband so lovingly buys for us every few weeks.

I am reading.........just 25 pages from the end of CS Lewis' The Four Loves!!!!

.........and the local weekly paper, which, in the last two issues (once a week) has been way less boring than fact, it has been enjoyable.............The Magician's Nephew, also by Lewis, to the wee folk in my house.

I am hoping.............for a calm, lovely, grace-filled week. And you?

I am hearing......quiet chatting from the younger girls as they do some writing schoolwork.

I am wondering.......why in the world did I sign up to take another class and exam??? More studying to do, but thankfully, in a topic I hope I am WAY more familiar with! It is a class on Advanced Fetal Monitoring, to be taken the first week in November.

Around the house.......scattered clutter......easily picked-up........and lots of clean laundry......including loads dried on the line in today's sunshine.

Now Showing..........more episodes of Monarch of the Glen, the kids watched After the Thin Man and second Star Wars movie, borrowed from the library.

Just a note: Of course, we know that too much TV watching turns brains to mush from the PASSIVENESS of the activity. No worries here..........NOTHING is passive about our interaction with the television :)...........our family interacts quite well with each other (READ that as: chats and discusses constantly) during movies while being easily and cheaply entertained. Watching a good movie is a fun activity here. No commercials in the house! :)

In the schoolroom.........a bit of clutter! Oh, I forgot...........NOT the physicalness of the actual room........let's see, everyine worked a bit harder this week, though it was still a bit hectic. And, next week promises to be AS hectic, maybe more :)

Greek Myths, French and Indian wars, Father Junipero Serra
Fractions, skip couting by fives and tens, tally marks, geometry
SAT prep
Learning lines
Harvesting garden and orchard
Reading a book about Plato (Maddelyn), Struggle for a Continent by Marrin (Sarah)......etc
Home Ec
Piano-Voice-eeeeendless singing here :)

.....and more, I hope!

One of my favorite things.........cliche, I know, this time of year............but the fall leaves on the trees, around every corner you drive. And, as I drive a lot :).....I see a lot of corners.

Signs of the seasons............pumpkin bread for the baby shower??? I hope I remember!

The garden is now empty.........and the chickens are let loose to finish up the garden......they go nuts and can mow it down to the ground quite quickly....they are very impressive! :)

We are winterizing the property..........and the kids and Marty are woodcutting and chopping wood.

Apples are now all plucked from the trees.......and the dehydrator runs almost constantly.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...........Monday craziness minus the piano lessons as it is group lesson, I will be planning a Monday scrapbook day with Louise.........Tuesday school........Wed.......clean house because Gloria and John will on their way up for their first visit since July, clean some more and bake two cheesecakes....mmmmm........for a double baby shower at my house in Saturday morning for Gloria & Maria followed by a SIMPLE All Saints' Day Party with Gloria's family.............Sunday: Mass and hang with G Family.

Special prayer requests on my mind this week.........same as last 2 marriages I know that is broken, and the kids involved........for our local crisis pregnancy center.............for a group of local friends heading to India to help a Christian mission......for our government........for the election........oh, for our sweet little kittens....there are two and one may not be well.......and I SO wanted them perfect for a little Christmas present for two sweet little girls. (Update: I BEGGED Saint Francis for help..........and the kitten appears perfect at this time..............and I named the kittens Francis and Clare..........while they are living with us.)

St. Gerard's List..........Elizabeth , still on bedrest, Lissa, Alice, Bridget, Gloria (a different one! And, she has a new blog!), Sherry, a local friend and all of my patients!

I am currently, Louise and I have agreed to do some scrapbooking tomorrow (Monday), starting early in the day while our two littles play and the olders are at rehearsal, and then we will share a dinner and I will take mine offspring home and come back and scrapbook while our husbands play volleyball. We need a good long stretch to get us, Louise needs to try scrapbooking when she isn't feeling like she wants to sleep :) I hope to start our Star-Spangled Adventure album, finally.

Here is picture thought I am sharing.......

My Garrett (U12), Shawna's Abraham (U10) and my Malachy (U6) after a couple of soccer games this fall.
Love & Fall Blessings to you!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


My Hearts' Haven Daybook

October 20, 2008

Monday afternoon (REALLY, it WAS!!! But, Matthew bumped me off of the computer in the evening so I could not get this posted....and then the next morning-he bumped me again! Pray he gets a good, no, a great grade on his paper)

Outside My Window.........I am at the college library again. Across the room, I can see trees gently moving with the wind. When we drove around town this morning, and then here at the college, we have all been shocked with the sudden changing to the fall colors in the trees since last week.

I am thinking..........I kind of like having this 50 minutes to write on the blog every Monday.......when Shawna can take Malachy, this works well. And, he is so much happier and less bored. Good fit for all of us.

I am thankful for........That cute little Benedict Michael...and, that I get to be his godmother! :)

For friends who say: "what can I do for you today?" and then take Malachy for a couple of hours......and for friends who are willing to surprise him with a birthday cake, because his birthday falls on our crazy day of the week and there was no time to make him a cake when we just got home from San Francisco at 11pm last night.

I am wearing........something different for once: a brown knit skirt with a striped (brown, black, white, beige) knit top.....and leggings, of course....which I will wear until next

I am creating........a combined baby shower for Maria and Gloria....literature based, of course!

I am remain calm, while life zips by. :)

I am reading.........I am almost done with The Four Loves by CS Lewis! I know I started it in the spring....and I have been dragging it up and down the state of California with me while I have traveled.....but, I only have about 20 pages left......and I love it! Uh, no pun intended :).......still reading The Magician's Nephew by CS Lewis to the two younger boys, as well as the D'Aulaires' Greek Myths and something else......can't remember what it is.

I am hoping.......still working on some school ideas....I am making changes...........please pray for fruitfulness in this area.

I am hearing......those quiet library noises and the clicking of my keyboard . I LOVE the ambiance of a library. Don't you?

I am did the time go by so fast! My wee fella is SEVEN years old today!!!

Around the house.......well, I am not exactly AT the house.......but, I do know about it. It is in need of some tender-loving care.......which I hope to give to it very soon. Also, there is no water at our house. I guess Marty found a very large puddle around our well yesterday. This morning he dug down to the leak.......and is at this time trying to find the parts he needs to fix it. Not having very good luck, I hear.

UPDATE: Our water is back on.............dishes are done and showers taken care of.........but a few issues are remaining to take care my husband amazing, or what??!!

Ah, I guess that would make two more things I am thankful for: WATER and a husband who can fix things....who tries even if he has never done it before.

Now Showing..........I cannot think if we have seen any movies in the last week or so.....oh, three of the kids enjoyed the Indiana Jones TV series, of when Indy is a wee lad, while we were at Gloria's in San Fran.

In the schoolroom.........yes, I am forever trying to get back on track......sad. So, there is a bit of Greek Myths going on for the three youngers, some French and Indian War for Sarah.......Matthew has been working on American Literature papers, Greek history, Geometry and learning the lines for his lead TWO different plays...prepping for SATs and lots of other stuff. Sarah and Maddelyn are just about off-book (have their lines memorized) for their parts.......both are working on the lives of fractions. Garrett and Malachy are finishing up their mathbooks here shortly. And, various other academic activities.

One of my favorite things.........the vibrant Fall colors here at the college. I am in absolute awe of God's handiwork.

Signs of the season...........see above. :) Oh, and my leggings. :) I just bought three new pair, to replace the other ones I am wearing out. :) Can you tell I like to be warm???

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week.......without having much time to check out my calendar yet since I have returned home....this is what I think my plans are:

*To have working water at my house asap! DONE!!

*Malachy has a Soccer game this afternoon..........after he has birthday cake with Louise and Miranda. DONE!!!

*To meet Sophie, Miranda's new Teacup Persian DONE!!!...what a scrumptious cat! Pictures as soon as I buy some new batteries!

*Garrett and Malachy will wind up the soccer season this weekend.

*I am scheduled to work tomorrow...not looking likely at this moment. DID!!!! And, I am posting this while I am here, off the clock, of course!

*To help a friend move into her new house. She has hurt her back and needs the help. DONE!!!

*Straighten the house. DOING!!!

*Be successful with school this week.

*To get Malachy's First Holy Communion Notebook started......he is SO excited! And, so am I! Gloria will be doing it at the same time with her three older girls....wish we could do it in the same neighborhood.

*Drive the kids around, a lot. :) DOING!!!

-music lessons

-voice lessons




*Pray DOING!!!

*Plan a baby shower for two dear mothers-of-many.

*and, do a million and one things I am not yet aware of :)

Special prayer requests on my mind this week........

good health for our whole family.....we are having a hard time kicking the congestion.....though we are not sick anymore.........

for the Saint Gerard post..........

getting back on our feet, educationally............

and for private intentions......

for my friend who hurt her back: for healing and for an educational issue she is having with one of her kids...........

for the local boy who broke his neck in that football game way back......the newspaper update stated that he is a quadriplegic at this time.......and is making slow progress with small movements. This is a 17/18 year old let's pray really hard for him for healing....he has so much life ahead of him.....

For my father-in-law who just turned 85 years old.......

Continued prayers for Sabine's little Michael.......

Do you have any special intentions to share with us?

I am currently scrapbooking......... I am still going through my Creative Memories magazines looking for inspiration for the Star-Spangled Adventure album.......

Here is picture thought I am sharing........I cannot do just one! I did limit myself to only three. These were all taken while on our last trip down to southern California. years old today!

In Robynn's pool in Lancaster.

At Disneyland.

Jumping for joy in the Pacific Ocean, right next to the Santa Monica Pier.

Happy 7th Birthday, Malachy!!!!!

Love and prayers for all of you!


Glorious Weather at Gloria's!

I only have a brief moment to be here........or, maybe more....who knows how it will turn out. :)

I have arrived in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities in the world.........(I might as well say country, since I have only been to a few cities outside of the United States. I will have to remedy that someday. :) ) be present at the baptism of Benedict Michael into the Catholic Church. He is the son of our dear, and very frequently mentioned friends on this blog, Gloria and John G.

He will be baptized on Sunday afternoon, tomorrow....we will spend some time at the celebration afterwards...and then head home....because, my Monday schedule ominously awaits me. :/

We arrived on Thursday evening, just in time for me to partake of a Catholic homeschooling MOM'S NIGHT OUT. I got to spend a few hours with missed friends, and meet a new one. Oh, and eat a dinner at a restaurant. :)

I love holding Benedict! He is so sweet. So mellow. And, it is so interesting, the way he really looks just like John. The older sisters say: LOOK, DADDY! You shrunk! :) How true this is. Like Gloria says, of course, Benedict IS cuter. :) He has elfin ears like one of his older sisters did.

I have been holding him for over an hour and a half.........first he was in the quiet-alert state for over an hour, and I even got a little grin out of him. Then he quietly zonked, but not before his mother, and then his brother, scared him with clanging dishes and silverware. His mommy has run to take a shower.

His three older sisters are rehearsing a play, directed by Sarah & Maddelyn. They will be performing after mom gets out of the shower. Gloria and I are hoping to find time today to run to Joann's and the scrapbook store to get supplies for First Holy Communion Notebooks for her two oldest girls, Catherine & Claremarie and for my youngest, Malachy. I am going to suggest she start her 5 1/2 year old, too. She will be wanting to be a part of it.

I guess I am having to get used to traveling as an abbreviated family. It looks like we are going to have more and more times when they just cannot all join us on our excursions. On this trip, I have only Sarah, Maddelyn & Malachy. Amazing how much easier it is to navigate such a small crowd. But, it is always sad when some of us have memories, and the others do not.

Anne got sick, so she could not join us, though it was the plan that she come. Matthew has WAAAY too much school work due this coming week, plus it is only two weeks till the SATs. Garrett wanted to stay for his soccer game........he almost came with us.........until we heard that two other teammates were going to miss the game. Since he missed two games two weeks ago from camp and illness, we thought he should stay. Marty is taking him out in the woods tomorrow for woodcutting.

Prayer requests: For....

*our travels home on Sunday, especially since at least half the drive it will be dark

*for all of the graces present at the Baptism to be welcomed by the participants

*for the Godfather of Benedict, Gloria's brother, driving all night from Los Angeles to be present at the baptism

*for my family woodcutting tomorrow

*for all moms of many, juggling a life with a all know who you are......and I personally know your struggles :)

*for a friend with the blues

*for an old internet homeschooling friend whose 21 month old was found floating in his aunt's pool...but, it looks like he may be getting better.....pray HARD!!

*for the family of a Catholic homeschooling family who recently lost their five year old due to an accident

I have to go now!

Goodbye and God bless!



Monday, October 13, 2008


Where I am now...............So, I am currently at the college library, while Maddelyn, Sarah and Matthew are in beginning voice class. I have to kill about 50 minutes......and, since I do not have Malachy for the moment.....I thought I would see if blogger would cooperate on someone else's computer. Malachy is playing at Shawna's house. I dropped Garrett and Abraham, Shawna's oldest, at piano lessons before I came to the college. That is part of my Monday schedule.

Hmmmm.............let's talk about that Monday schedule. Last Monday was tough.....this Monday, I now hit the fullness of my Monday schedule. You may vaguely remember how I was dreading the Monday schedule in a past post.


8am: Anne to school......she was driving herself, but with our Honda down fortwo weeks, it is back to Marty or I to get her there.

11am Leave house

11:15 Sarah to piano

11:20 Maddelyn to violin

Go visit Sheila for 20 minutes or whatever

11:55 Pick up Maddelyn

Noon Maddelyn to piano, pick up Sarah, run errands

12:30 Pick up Abrahma at Shawna's........leave Malachy to play with Amelia

12:45 Drop off Garrett and Abraham, scoop up Maddelyn, drive Sarah & Maddelyn to another town, to the college for beginning voice lessons at

1:00pm Kill 45 minutes........sometimes pick up Kyle, a friend's son, for play rehearsal, later (this is where I am in my schedule right now)...Patty will pick him up today

1:50 Pick up Sarah, Maddelyn and Matthew from voice class, run back to our homw town for....

2:15 Matthew's piano lesson.....and to pick up Garrett and Abraham......taking Abraham home......and to hang out with Shawna and kids till.....

3:00 When I pick up Matthew from piano lessons........then, we spend time with Louise or run errands or whatever. If Anne does not have transportation, I may need to pick her up at 3:15 and bring her back to our home town.

4:00 Drop off four oldest ones for play practice at our local charter school. Sometimes one of the younger boys has a soccer game at this time, or, like

5:15 Garrett has a soccer game

6:00 Pick up kids from rehearsal, and starting today, Anne and Matthew need to be back in the next town north at the college for the first evening rehearsal for their fall play. Luckily for me, Patty's son Gavin also needs to be there, and so Patty will drive all three of them there, saving me that one trip, which is good, because I need to pick up Garrett at......

6:15 when his soccer game is over.......and then.......

........we get to go home!!!!!! Yes!!!
Well, enough of that! Phew!
Saint Gerard list.............My friend Maria is in labor at this moment. Please pray for her! Also, a recently delivered friend of mine may be coming down with mastitis..............please pray for her, too!
And..I guess that is it.
So, apparently Blooger does not mix well with MY computer. What a pain.........makes me less likely to blog. Well, there is always Anne's computer......but I REALLY like to use a separate keyboard.
Oh, well........time to return to the Monday chauffering!
God bless!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Haven Heartbeats

I just want to mention part of my missing in action, is related to the fact that blogger and I are not getting along very well for the moment. I am at the library while Garrett plays soccer in the rain........I very much wanted to avoid watching soccer in the rain.......especially with my leftover cough. More later......eventually.