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My Hearts' Haven Daybook

August 31, 2008

Sunday afternoon....................

Outside My Window.........the sun is shining.......looks warm, but on our way home from mass this afternoon the temperature outside was 58* was quite chilly last night and this morning. Yesterday was quite warm, at 86*...........Tomorrow is supposed to be 70* and 86* by Thursday..........I am glad, I am not quite ready to give up the warm summer weather.....not yet. garden is lush........short, but lush :)

I am thinking..........I am WAY TOO BUSY for the next two weeks! Ha! Make that THREE weeks.......or, should I just generalize and say LIFE! :)

I am thankful co-workers. I may not like going to work.......but the people I work with are wonderful. I appreciate them so much. And, it is nice that we can pray with and for each other, too. Please pray us as we deal with things like mandatory classes and exams and a few other issues. Thanks!

From the kitchen.......I can smell a squash soup, made especially for us by Anne. So, that means it is vegan, right? :) We have been eating A LOT of squash lately. :) That is why I grew 8 different we can have variety, while we eat our lack of variety. :) No time to make bread, so Rudi's Organic Rye will have to go with it! I LOVE this tastes just like the rye bread I grew up with eating at my Jewish (not practicing in my lifetime) grandparents home. We always had little cups of black tea, too!

I am wearing........a nice rayon skirt with flowers and a nice shirt........leggings and socks :) it is chilly, remember? Hey, at least it is not camping clothes this time!

I am creating........ a cleaner home......for the moment. It will only last so long. :)

I am be enjoying my completely scrubbed and polished living room.......cleaned from ceiling to floor, every single square inch! Every single part is dusted or scrubbed...........even behind and under couches........and IN couches, too! Behind and in front of pictures............I even went outside with a bucket of soapy water and scrubbed the outside windows. Boy! did that need to be done! I can see my views again! I used the excuse of company coming......but we never did any REAL Spring I REALLY needed to clean up in there. YES!

I am reading.........still: Advanced Life Support Provider I and my colleagues are being forced to take this class in September. ugh. Please pray I understand! I mean, WE understand.............we all feel kind of lost. :( (yes, it is a repeat of LAST weeks' post.) When I have something like this going on, I usually have to put myself on a reading fast. We leave for Disneyland in two to figure out what book to bring........any recommendations?

Oh, and the last chapter of The Horse and His Boy will be read tonight! Then, no Narnia till we return from our trip! I think! :) I am sure the boys will beg......and I just may relent :)

I am hoping.......I PASS that test! :) AND, I get everything done that I need to get done!

I am hearing......wonderful Celtic that fiddle and the rhythm. I REALLY want to get up and Irish step dance. I will have to settle for a dancing head and shoulders, for now. I sure miss my girls and their Irish step dancing. :(

It is Celtic Faire by John Whelan, a Hallmark CD I have always loved.......a great mix of Scottish & Irish music.

From the inside of the CD holder:

From the glimmer of morning's first light
till the very wee hours of night--
may you laugh loud and long,
may your soul sing a song,
and your heart dance with joy and delight!

Now, you know how this music makes me feel :)

Around the house.......still A LOT of spiffiness needed to get done for company. I really want to work on the dining room and hallway. Think I will try to prep some of the food ahead of time so things are easier to "build."

Now Showing......... We just watched Mrs. Miniver with Greer Garson......I mentioned before she was one of my favorite actresses to see onscreen. "The Irish-born, red-haired Miss Garson won an Academy Award for "Mrs. Miniver," the 1942 drama about a British housewife courageously guiding her family through the blitz bombings of World War II." We liked the movie very much. Very well made. She amazes me with her range of emotions. I SO believe her! :) Based off of a novel of James Hilton by the same name.

One of my favorite things.........Stash's Chai Spice Tea......I drink a cup sweetened with fructose every morning. Please come join me some morning..........

I am wondering.......why oh why it is always (almost) windy when I hang my clothes out on the clothes line!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week............

Let's see........playing chauffeur, for sure :) STUDY. I teach a childbirth class on Tuesday night, Marty takes the boys to a soccer practice the same night.........we have Marty's cousin Deborah and hubby and 8 year old son coming for a visit for a few days at the end of the week. They are going to set up their tent on our property and hang out. We, they and us, are pretty excited about they have never come to STAY with us, but have only stopped by for GREAT visits on their way to or from somewhere. This will be concentrated time together. STUDY. The kids have auditions on Wednesday for a musical with our charter school. Five are auditioning, and the oldest is one of two people casting the play. STUDY. Sarah has a heart check-up on Friday. It is routine and should go just fine. STUDY. The first soccer games start on the 6th. Take our vistors on a couple of hikes to rivers, falls and such. Did I mention that I will need to STUDY???? :)

Special prayer requests on my mind this week: The boy I mentioned last week with the broken neck.......according to the paper, they will not know for about 18 months the true extent of the damage. In the meantime, I hear his spirits are high and he is being strong and brave. All of this is hearsay.

I have a local friend who has a little guy who has some serious issues. Could you please pray they are resolved, at the the least, they find out how best to help him?

And, of course, the three pregnant women I know.........esp my sister as she has to deal with severe headaches and backache thses last few she is still working.

Gloria is having a boy: Benedict Michael

Maria is having a boy: Liam Michael

Jennifer, my sister is having a surprise :) The boy name looks to be picked out........but that will also be a surprise.......though I am in the know :) I hope she has the baby before we leave for no one will be so far away from her, worried about her. :) PS Check out her blog........she has been writing lately.........AND, I suspect will be doing more of it once she gets time off of work for having the baby.

Oh, and as long as we are praying for expectant moms.......there's my friend Lissa from Here In the Bonny Glen, too, and her best friend Alice, from Cottage Blessings. I know there are more......just having a blank right now.....but we pray for all of them anyway, right? :)

Oh, another Gloria just found out she is due! I think she reads my blog let's add her to the Saint Gerard prayers. She is due in January. For non-Catholics.....he is the patron of expectant moms.

I am currently friend Su and I buy our Creative Memories products through my sister Jennifer's consultant account. I was glad to hear that I still have till the end of September to put in my huge order. I thought it was the end of August. Last week at Louise's I was able to scrapbook four pages.........funny, I cannot remember the topics of the pages! But I do know it was 1987 photos. That makes me only 20 years and 8 months I continue to point and shoot. :) Now, I am forced to take a scrapbooking break due to the need to study for my exam and to prepare going out of town.....and to enjoy my company.......who, will love seeing my scrapbooks. It is Marty's cousin..........she and I are the same age and have known each other for over 20 years. She will love seeing old photos of her family.

I am considering taking my scrapbook stuff with me on our jaunt to So Cal.....hey, did anyone just hear my children moan? groan? :)

Here is picture thought I am sharing........

Our table centerpiece this week.

I have so much I want to share........but for now, I need you to keep in mind I may not post at all, or much, between now and September 25th. I have just too much responsibility for the next few weeks. I will really TRY to post my daybook next week and a post or two while on our trip. We will just have to see.......

Have a lovely week!

God bless!



Willa said...

Pretty centerpiece, so soothing!

These Daybooks will be a great record someday when life isn't moving so fast for you!

Alice Gunther said...

Thank you so very much for the thoughtful prayer request!