Monday, September 1, 2008

My Littlest Sister is Blogging This Week......

The Kittrell Kronicles......cute name, doncha think?

First, stop by here to see a photo of her new babe, as yet to be born.....but due any week now......... After seeing the photo, take the poll on the right-hand side of the page and vote BOY or GIRL

We think it looks like a boy! But, we are hoping for a girl! Malachy said tonight he hopes it is a girl so Avery has someone to play with her. Isn't he a thoughtful cousin? :)

The wee one DOES have very kissable lips!

And, then, Jennifer was featured with two other wives in a newspaper article. They are all married to High School football coaches. Cute photo and funny article.

And lastly, she has posted sweet pictures from Where they spent their summer vacation.

Can you tell which one is Jennifer in the photos?

HINT: She is near her delivery due date. :)

Check out the photo I swiped........

I just could NOT help myself!

I LOVE this "action" photo :)

Keep the blogging going, Jennifer...........we love it here!

You are in our daily prayers for a healthy delivery!



(NO, this is NOT a typo)

1 comment:

JEN said...

Awe, thanks! That is very sweet!!!

Love you, call me when you get a chance! Enjoy your company, too!

Off to rest.....