Sunday, September 14, 2008

Exciting Things Happening Today!

First, let me make an announcent:

It's a..............well, let's just say that my 4 1/2 year old niece Avery said today: Yay! I finally have a sister!

It's a GIRL!!!!!!

The sweet baby girl was born at 1430 name or measurement to announce yet.....though I did tell them that Chari was a fine name. :) I recommended Charlotte as an alternative if Chari did not work for them....but Jennifer said I already had a Charlotte in my life who was already special to me. I guess she is right.......I adore Charlotte and I know she really likes me. :) Well, she likes to come visit me anyway. :)

Jennifer has the best inductions, EVER. Trust me, I have seen a lot of inductions. So, mom and baby and dad are doing well. Grandpa, aka Papa, is happy he can go to Disneyland and not worry over Jennifer and baby anymore.

And, then, the other wonderful and amazing thing that has happened in my life today is this:

John and Gloria have asked me to be Benedict Michael's (due any day now!) godmother. I am so excited, privileged, honored........NOW we can really be "related" to the G family! :)

Thank you so much, John & Gloria, for this blessing in my life. I pray I can be a blessing to you and Benedict.....

........hmmmm, does this mean I can have some say in the wee fella's nickname???

And, now.....I must get packed up for the busi-ness of tomorrow!

Wonderful Blessings!
love, chari

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