Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Haven Heartbeats

How about a few updates from my last Daybook post........

Current illness...........I woke up this morning feeling a bit more conjested, but much better. WAY less fog in the head. Thank you, God. And, now that the day is over, and I never had a nap.......I still do not feel too bad.........just tired. Think I shall pop into bed early, maybe with Malachy.

About pregnant ladies...........Gloria gave birth about 2:30am this morning, on the feast day of Our Lady of Ransom, to Benedict Michael, my new godson. :) Thank you for the prayers.

Another good link for Our Lady of Ransom

Oh, and one more, also really good.

And, here is a list from my favorie saint website:

Anton Martin Slomsek
Colomba Gabriel
Gerard Sagredo
Isarnus of Toulouse
Martyrs of Chalcedon
Our Lady of Mercy
Our Lady of Ransom
Our Lady of Walsingham
Pacificus of Severino
Terenzio of Luni

Also, the mum past due with her six is now in labor, too! Please pray for a healthy delivery.

Now, of the three moms closest to me.....only one to go, Maria, with number 8!

Oh, wait, I almost forgot, my friend Sherry is due between Thanksgiving and Christmas........and I told her I would come be laobr support if she wants me. She said yes at the beginning of the pregnancy......I hope she still wants me. :) I need to call her!

About cars..........I heard a funny noise while on my trip and it sounded worse yesterday..........I took it in today...........we need a new break job. I can't wait to tell Marty. :/

On know you have a very special friend, when.....

*she agrees to take your youngest at the last moment for a play date

*when she returns your phone call, twice.......even though you don't answer, because your phone is on silent.......for some unknown reason (I did see one of the kids playing with the phone earlier today)...grrrrr

*she calls you an hour later inviting your whole family to come watch the President's speech tonight at her house, because she knows you have no access to television (see previous post)

*AND, she invites to share her yummy "leftover" meal (oh, it was really good!)

*and her hubby gives all of us a lesson on the current economic status of the country AND play-by-play comments on the President's speech (they Tivo-ed the speech) ......which was much appreciated, truly

*she chuckles at the yucky mess your presence brings........and gives you everything needed to clean up

*AND, still, she invites the whole family to partake of dessert of their first homemade pumpkin pie and homemade whipped cream of the season

*And still can laugh when it unexpectedly appears the mess is not yet cleaned up all the way......and requires hosing a rug in the morning...ugh

*And finally, when you tried to leave, what, TEN times???, and you come back in the house because you realized you were barefoot getting into your car....and you leave again after getting your shoes.......only to have her laugh, hand you your keys and cell phone...and give you a hug goodbye

Anne thinks said friend is now going to be afraid to invite us over anymore for one of those "quickie" visits. :) I hope not. :)

I have got to get to bed............goodnight!!

Love, chari

PS Since I have company..........I expect to be mostly gone till Sunday.......though if I find time, I may post some random pictures........we'll see, I guess. :)


Shawna said...

Oh Chari...I am LAUGHING!!! You are my very good friend too. Its been such a joy to share our families over these years.

PS: I found Jacob carrying in said rug this morning...he had it all rolled up and was carrying it close to his body bear-hug style. I called to him, "honey, there's p**p all over that rug!" and you should have seen him drop it like a hot potato. "I thought something smelled bad!" he called. Apparently you were so discreet last night, he was totally oblivious!

Chari said...

yuck! ;)