Sunday, September 14, 2008


My Hearts' Haven Daybook
September 14, 2008

Sunday Morning......far away form home......

Outside My is a sunny and cool morning here in Lancaster, CA....the calm before the 90's* arrive. :) Good thing for the kids Robynn has a pool!

I am thinking........I sure enjoy my visits to Robynn.......wish she did not live at the other end of the state!

I am thankful for.......all of the homeschooling moms and families we have met and visited all over this great state, the West Coast and the whole United States.....and, for new babies! :)

From the kitchen.......I can smell sausages and eggs! YAY!

I am wearing......a pink nightie with little pink flower print. I decided two years ago that I wanted to look a bit more feminine for my husband and family at bedtime......instead of the sweats and oversized tees I had been wearing. Plus, I am less likely to stay in a nightgown all day on a lazy day, than in sweats. Of course, if I am changing into camping clothes, I guess I am still a bit sloppy. :) But, they are feminine camping clothes. :)

I am creating........not sure if I am :)...........I guess I am creating scrapbook pages.

I am Disneyland! Yeah, I said that last week, too. :) But, first, we are going to mass today.

I am reading.........Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortensen & David Oliver Relin, Augustine's Confessions by same, The Four Loves by CS Lewis, Haystack Full of Needles by my friend Alice Gunther.........I think that is it.....and yes, I am actually reading all of them at the same time.......though I need to rush Three Cups of Tea, as it is due on September 23rd at the library. I am really enjoying it so far..........5 chapters into it.

I am somehow give up this heavy fog I am in........I feel really wiped-out. It would help if I did not stay up past midnight the last few nights.......but it is so hard to give up the pure quiet. Maybe I can get some rest at Disneyland. :)

I am hearing......The hum of the ceiling fan above me with the quiet jingle of the light moving back and forth while the fan rotates......and some distant kitchen noise......which I am going to go inspect now........I am feeling a little familiar tug in my tummy........hunger. :)

I am wondering.......what the gender of Jennifer's baby is going to be. As I write this, they have just started the pitocin. I could hear the fetal heart monitor in the background of our phone conversation. I LIKE having a cell phone, especially for occasions such as this. Just think, if the induction "takes," we could have a new member of our family added to the tree today.

Around the house.......not mine, of course......but Robynn's. Kids dressing for mass........munching on, here, pretending I am well-rested. :)

Now Showing.........I am not watching any movies here with Robynn, because I would rather chat with her.....even though she has still not seen Enchanted and she has a Disney movie with Donny Osmond in it. :)

One of my favorite drooling over all of the wonderful book titles on the shelves of my homeschooling friends' shelves. I just love looking over bookshelves, any book shelves.......and homeschooling moms' shelves are the most fun! But, I have to admit, sometimes, they have all the same books I have :) which case, I usually feel very much at home when I visit their shelves.......uh, I mean, homes. :)

Special prayer requests on my mind this sister is being induced today! Gloria is due any moment. For some private intentions of mine.......and definitely some prayers of thanksgiving for some answered prayers through the Rosary novena I am praying. Please pray for our continued safe travels.......and that we can manage to stay within our budget!

I am currently scrapbooking........ I decided to bring my current chronological album of "Our story......continues" with me to So. Cal. The last few days, I have been working on doings in the first half of 1988. It seems much of the doings are more MY story than OUR story....but, hey, I had the camera.....and I went to DC and Pittsburgh and I graduated from college. The summer should become more fair since we attended a family reunion together. :) After that, though, I went to Ireland with my mom and my very pregnant belly. :) Oh, and I almost forgot! I scrapbooked the photos of my first "blood" niece.....born 20 years ago last February. I even happened to be chatting with her mother while I was putting the photos on the page. I have a handful of photos of Marty helping his brother David to build a root cellar. They were so proud of that project. It still stands today, though no longer utilized by family members. Robynn finally gave me the Minnie Mouse punch she was supposed to get for me two years ago! :)

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week........

Monday we leave Robynn's Lancaster home and take a drive to a special store on Sunset Blvd the kids have been begging to visit. Then, they are planning a long drive down Sunset Blvd, while we listen to the music from the musical of Sunset Blvd, by Andrew Lloyd Webber. We plan a visit to a favorite museum followed by a romp at the beach......a yummy dinner and then a ride over to Disneyland.

The rest of the week will be spent exploring Disneyland and California Adventure Park.......while we try not to be bummed about so many rides being closed. What? No Small World, again????

On Saturday, we head home to see our newest niece....or, is it a nephew???? Definitely a cousin! :) We will know later today, eh?

Sunday, mass and maybe a visit to our Catholic homeschooling friends in Carson City, and my mom. Spend the night with Jennifer and newest cousin and "old" cousins, too. :)

Here is picture thought I am I am "out of town yet again" I am unable to find a photo for you! Just know I am taking lots of photos while I am "out of town yet again" :)

Love and blessings to you all!


Alice Gunther said...

Thanks for the kind mention, Chari!

Chari said...

My pleasure, Alice!