Friday, September 12, 2008

On the Road: Disneyland or Bust

We have arrived in Southern California safely, in spite of the fact that my body wanted to go horizontal the whole time I was driving.

On my arrival here in Lancaster, I did in fact go horizontal within minutes of my arrival. No nap, just rest.

Even though I broke up the drive by driving only part way the first night........and the other half the next day, it was still quite a trek. Yeah, I is not like it was cross-country or the like. :) But, we live in a very loooong state.......and I feel it every single time. There is just no easy way around it. Makes me nuts. And, it annoys me that my friend Willa, who lives half-way down the state, lives in too inconvenient a place to stop and visit. :)

Lucky for me I now have friends in Tracy! We met several Catholic homeschooling families from this area a couple of years ago when they joined us for our WestCoastFun Camping trips. We stayed with the S family and then the E family came over for a visit. It was too short....but we all had a great time and look forward to more quality time spent together. Thank you so much, G, for your wonderful hospitality! And, thank you so much, J and P, for being good sports and sticking around till I arrived, late. I just love your sweet little baby, what a doll she is! Can't wait till we all get together again!

And now, I am exhausted, and will get this posted now, as I am up way too late, and need to head to bed.

But first, my sister is being induced tomorrow. Please pray all goes well!


chari........away from Hearts' haven, for the moment, yet again :)


Willa said...

Praying for your sister today.

I shall tell my husband that we ought to move to Santa Paula so we are more on your direct route when you travel up and down.

Nice talking to you last evening, dear friend!

Chari said...

I WOULD like you to be on my direct route to SOMEWHERE!!! :)

that being said.....your home is one of my retreat sites. A change would be hard for know, the one resistant to change. :)