Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My Hearts' Haven Daybook
September 23, 2008

Tuesday evening......delayed entry due to traveling and illness........

Outside My Window.......lots of butterflies!

Not sure what kind. They are all over my yard, the soccer field and the roads........from one town to another.

Also, we must have had a freeze here while I was basil is ruined :( pesto this year :( garden looks so unhappy, and so done for the season. :( That sure went by too fast!

I am thinking........I sure hope I can rid myself of this minor cold.........I have company coming this week!

Oh, I am also thinking: it SUCKS, that my all-time favorite camera gave up the ghost at Disneyland this last week. Those of you that know me.........KNOW I LOVE my of the few material possessions I jealously protect. I do have the kids' camera to use till I figure out what to do to replace it. Cannot really afford a new one right now. But it is SO hard to use the kids' camera after using my GREAT camera. :( Anyone LOVE their camera and have recommendation for me???

I am thankful many things.........I almost want to make a post just for my current thankfulness!

For now, here is a list of the folks I need to thank:

my husband
my dad
my sister & her husband
my other sister & her husband
Gloria & John
Gloria S
Jennifer & Pete E
I am sure I will think of more.............just too foggy for now.......

From the kitchen.......rye toast is about all I can handle right appetite for me. I am also drinking a cup of STASH's Pumpkin Spice tea.....mmmm. The kids ate a pasta dish......

I am wearing........a long, cotton tee-shirt dress.

I am creating........this.

I am get as much rest as possible for the moment.

I am reading.........kind of the same as last week: Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortensen & David Oliver Relin, Augustine's Confessions by same, The Four Loves by CS Lewis, Haystack Full of Needles by my friend Alice Gunther.........and yes, I am actually reading all of them at the same time...................though I just finished Three Cups of Tea yesterday. I enjoyed it very much, "visiting" a part of the world (Pakistan & Afganistan) I do not know much about. I was afraid it would be a very "liberal" (politically speaking) book.........but that only happened in the last few chapters. Just slightly offensive to my conservative self.........but not enough to not enjoy the read overall. In fact, I did not necessarily disagree with their points............just kind of offended they threw them in at the last minute at the book...........and that they were worded in such a way as to be jabs at conservatives. In the end, I DO recommend this book as a good read.

I am hoping............tomorrow I wake up, ready to face my world, healed of this cold.

I am hearing......Maddelyn singing in the shower..........and Voi Che Sapete on my computer.

I am how interesting I had TWO people I know fairly well, come up to me today at the soccer game to ask about homeschooling. Pray I can help them, especially the one that is my co-worker I asked for prayers for a few weeks ago, for her little boy.

Around the house.......a mess from just getting back from our travels.......and no well mama to make sure it gets clean. I do have the laundry moving, at least. There was a lot! Oh, and all of the Legos all over the living room floor.

Now Showing..........we watched the Emmy's Sunday night at my sister' dad's choice. Luckily, my sister Tivo-ed it so we skipped commercials. My kids and I have no idea of what's on TV these days, not actually having access to television. We HAVE a is only used for movies.............not access to any tv shows, at all.

In the schoolroom
.........(I borrowed this topic from my friend Michele) not much since we only have returned yesterday really.......except Legos for the younger two and their soccer. Sarah and Maddelyn have been trying to come up with their first assignment for their voice class. Matthew had a American Lit exam today...........and Anne is just plain college-busy. Actually, Sarah has been reading some of her history, too.

One of my favorite things.........listening to Celtic music. Part of my grandfather was an O' Connor.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week........

Quickly gather learning samples to meet with my friend Shelly, who is also our charter school educational facilitator. We meet once a month during the school year.

Tidy the is coming.

Visit with our company Thursday thru Sunday............Willa and only 4 or 5 of her kids. Matthew is bummed Sean can't come....due to football, and thus school responsibilities. We all are.

Sean & Matthew on a visit this past summer

Soccer practices and games for the two little boys.

Start play rehearsals on Wednesday afternoon, for the charter school play.

Work two days. And attend a mandatory meeting.................we need prayers for this meeting, please, as it is a "we" vs "them" kind of meeting.

And, anything else, school-wise or declutter-wise that I can fit into my life. :) Ha, ha!

Special prayer requests on my mind this week.......

For a healthy delivery of Gloria & John's son, Benedict Michael........she is in early labor as I write. Looks like she may deliver on her due date...........which only happens about 3% of the time. Anne was born on her due date.

Healing of my cold, and my lung issues which popped up again with a vengenance at the hotel we stayed in.

For a local homeschool mom, 11 days past due date, with her 6th child.

For a few internet friends: one about to lose her home.........and another with pregnancy complications.

For my private intentions.

I am currently scrapbooking.......nothing since last will be at least a week or more before I can get back to the meantime, I AM putting in an order for Creative Memories for refill pages, an album and pages to start my Star-Spangled Adventures scrapbook.

Here is picture thought I am sharing........

Sarah holding little friend Jade, Winona, one of his 4 big sisters and Malachy with Mickey Mouse, of course!

This was the first picture I have ever taken at Disneyland with one of the characters in several decades of visiting......we just happened to be in the right spot at the right time......and, it is my favorite Mickey Mouse: The Sorcerer!

Blessings on your week! And, mine, too!

With love,



Anonymous said...

OK...I have to know, did Sarah's poor feet KILL her after walking around Disneyland in flip-flops? Mine kill me when I have Nike Airs on. I was thinking about you guys while you were gone, and hoping you were having fun. I love reading your Daybook entries. I was supposed to be doing mine on Mondays, and that lasted like... one Monday. Lol.

Willa said...

What a cute picture of Matthew and Sean.... and the football of course ;-). See you this evening! We probably won't get out of the house till 11 or so so probably will eat on the way. I plan to call since I got your message.

Hey, this is like those whiteboard message centers we used to have on our dorm doors back in college!

Gloria said...

Sorry to here about your camera. My sis-in law is seldome without her Cannon Power Shot A630. I can't imagine you without your favorite artistic outlet:)

JEN said...

First, am I sister and DH or OTHER sister and DH? LOL!

Thanks for the shout out. I can't possibly comment on everything here (you write too much! =) but still love to hear about you and the family! xoxoxox

Again, sorry about the camera. I totally get the intimate relationship between a camera and its owner!!! I still say a Sony.
Here's a site with great info:

/nak love ya!

Chari said...

Nope, Frances! sarah's feet were fine.....we have OLD feet and therefore would NOT be fact, my sandaled feet were NOT fine. :)

I need you to email your blog invite again to my new email.

I LOVE that photo of Sean and Matthew! It is SO them!

Thanks, Gloria & Jennifer, for your notes about my camera...I am really feeling the pain of not having a better quality camera.

Jennifer, you are SISTER and DH :)

And, I love you, too!