Monday, May 28, 2007

Our Star-Spangled Adventure-Day Two

Brief synopsis, will update more later, hopefully!

Day two: Visited with Aunt Jennifer and kids, repacked car, Maddelyn and Garrett went to Georgie-pop's (my dad) house while the other four kids went blouse/shirt shopping for the two oldest girls. Lucky us, our Carson City Catholic homeschooling friends love us so much :) (it is mutual, indeed), they followed us around at the stores. We finished off the shopping in Reno by filling up the cooler with food for two days of camping. Hooray for nitrate-free lunch meat! Thanks for the tip, JennM! We then drove to Washoe Valley to reunite with the other kids and exchange a few others :)........and then met our family for a send-off buffet in Carson City, Georgie-pop's treat! Thanks, Dad! Ate too much food, visited with LOTS of cousins and an aunt and uncle, hugs and goodbyes. The kids were so good, the waitress had to compliment. There were about 21 kids there, aged 3 to 19yrs, most in the middle.

We went back to Georgie-pop's house and did something we had never done before there: went to bed before 11pm. :)

......and so.......the adventure gets going......

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