Saturday, May 5, 2007


We started by attending a birthday party for one of our little friends. She turns 4yrs this week. Her sweet and wonderful mother made a birthday cake for Maddelyn, too. Though it was sunny, it was a bit brisk today, with a north wind blowing. The candles were lit on Maddelyn's cake......and she was nowhere to be found! So, we just sang to her while the wind blew her candle flames side-ways. I guess she could hear our singing, as she was on the other side of the fence with her brother. :)

Then, another dear friend whisked the three girls to Redding to see BYE, BYE BIRDIE at a high school down there. They should be home any minute.

I worked on details of our New York City part of the itinerary (trying to figure out how to afford tickets to see BOTH Wicked AND Les Miserables), while the boys put up our new tent, so we can get used to its workings BEFORE we leave on our trip. It is a really cool tent! I am so glad we got it. It has three separate tents, attached by a tunnel (optional). You can leave the rain covers off and look at the stars. Should be fun in Yellowstone!

Then, the boys stayed home and watched a movie together while I went to a dinner at a nice restaurant for a friend's retirement get-together. It was a really sweet time.

Now, the boys are outside in the dark, trying to get the tent put away so the dogs do not do anything bad to the tent :)

Oh, of course, I came up with a few more things to add to our to-do list:

Clean the schoolroom----luckily, it barely needs help It is the place to store the trip stuff!
Wash cars (will MAKE the kids do this actually.......supposed to be in 80*s next week....only days after our snow!:))
Clean out purse. :)

Keep praying about the tooth! :(

With love,


PS: Thank you for Maddelyn's birthday wishes! She appreciates every one of you! I am SO glad I have at least one more year before I have no "little" girls year, FOUR of them will be teenagers! How is THAT for strange!

Countdown: 17 days till we fly from here!

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