Wednesday, May 9, 2007


After much prayer, I have found a cancellation in the Northstate here, and tomorrow I get to see an endodontist. I pray this is the answer to the problem with which we have been dealing. I was almost giddy (okay, I have to admit, I WAS giddy) with the hope of the pain being resolved. To be quite honest, I am quite tired. Though, I do thank God for the chance to offer up my sufferings. I offered it up for all of my other friends who are suffering with dental woes as well. They know who they are. I also thank God for the chance to heal.

Still have a lot to do to prepare for our adventure.......but, if I can toss the dental pain, I am going to try to be mellow about what do not have done yet before we leave.

Here is the to-list updated:

Two of three childbirth classes to teach. ONLY ONE LEFT!
A seminar for OB nurses...STILL LOTS TO DO! :/
A half day of antepartum interviews......DONE, TODAY!
A piano recital at MY house....ON SATURDAY.
A half day of antepartum interviews....DONE!
A birthday party or two......DONE!
A retirement dinner to attend....DONE! WAS A LOVELY MEMORY!
A dance recital for Anne’s class.....FRIDAY NIGHT.
Three concerts for Anne.
Read- and sing-throughs for the summer play production....NEXT WEEK!
Get rid of my headaches….and toothaches :<(........TOMORROW HOPEFULLY!! Get novenas ready for Robynn. Clean the chicken coop (little do the boys know, it is just them this year :>)
Finish learning records for the year........JUST NEED TO TURN IN THE LEARNING SAMPLES NOW!
Clean the schoolroom........It is the place to store the trip stuff!
Wash cars.
Clean out purse. :)
Sell eggs.
Movie night with Cindy and Jacob?
Plan as much as possible for westcoastfun campout, especially meals.
Oh,And finish the travel info sheet.
And fine-tune the itinerary.
And write an introduction letter.
And get a new video camera for the trip.......MAYBE TOMMORROW???
And more camera memory.....TOMORROW!
And test the tent.....DONE>>>SEE PHOTO BELOW!
And switch cell phone to national roaming.
And clean the house really, really well.
And empty the fridge.
And pack the car.

It does not look much better, does it???

Ah, well. Maybe after Saturday night it will look better!




me said...

My goodness! I have to keep up with this site, don't I?!? Chair-I called today to see how your dental appt went, I'm hoping your now pain-free, or close to it! Now, hopefully my appt will come quick so I can join you!

I can't wait to see you guys here soon. I am going to hate it being only for a moment, but I'll take what I can get. I really miss you all. I am enjoying this site, I feel like I'm right there with you.

Love to all,
Aunt JEN

Chari said...

Of course, you need to keep up! A blog is a somewhat daily journal.......that is, if someone actually writes daily! I keep forgetting I have a blog! :)

I have a new Digital DVD we can take some movies of our visit with you!!

Love ya!


Teraisa said...

Oh man, I never understood people with tooth pain, they made such a big deal out of it. Then I got to use and overuse and inhaler and my teeth have never been the same since. I feel HORRIBLE about your pain and wish it could have been resolved before it ever started. You have not only our prayers, but our sympathy, too. Love you lots. ~Teraisa

Teraisa said...

Ugh, you make me so tired, as I stupidly reread this. When are you guys leaving. Mark says he wants to visit for Memorial Day weekend, but I said you'd be gone... came here to check, but no dates. I know you are not afraid to say no. ;-)

Chari said...

I want to say YES!!! But, we will be in Utah and Denver for the weekend! See you on Thursday, maybe? Before we really hit the road!

Love, C