Monday, May 28, 2007

Our Star-Spangled Adventure-Day One

On one of the 4reallearning threads, someone offered prayers for our "Star Spangled" adventure........and we decided that was just the right title for our cross-country trip. We had been looking for just the right name. I promise to give credit, when I go back and see who it is!

Yes, I KNOW, this is not actually DAY 1. But, I am hoping to get back and catch up (edit) on our missing days!

Day 1: We drove to Northern Nevada, much later than we expected, stayed with my sister who was asleep when we arrived, heated up cold pizza and ate warm pizza, and passed out asleep, shortly after my dad arrived.

Started our 54 day Rosary novena. We thought of a great way to offer it all up!

We have tremendous thanks to give.......we were so blessed by our friends, as they sent us on our way.......So, more later :)

I hope! In the meantime.......


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