Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Too Tired to Write

I am so tired I cannot see straight :)

It is late, and I stayed up too late last night, too.

I just wanted to post a quick note to say, we are almost on our way. I will try to post tomorrow night from my sister's house.

I want to tell you about our generous friends, who are very thoughtful with our "going-away" gifts.

Here is a photo-op of our new car, pretending to drive away :)

Special thanks to Jacob and Cindy for taking the picture.

More tomorrow night, I hope!

Late night blessings,



PattyB said...

I hope you all are having a lot of fun! We miss you already!!

Willa said...

Wow, neat new car. It doesn't look like the Bryans -- oh, you know what I mean ;-) -- I hope! It's just that we are so used to seeing you drive away in BLUE!

Prayers as you embark, though I guess it's way past the embarking stage now.