Monday, May 28, 2007

Our Star-Spangled Adventure-Day Six

Day Six: It is past midnight. I am waiting for laundry to dry. Everyone else in the house is asleep.

And, now, I admit it....I am way too tired to post more.......

Suffice it to say, we all love being with Gwen's family here. They are just wonderful....speaking of "wonderful"....we get to do something fun tomorrow night, that requires advance tickets which we were lucky enough to order in February. Hopefully I will find time to post about it....well, post-event.......

...till later!


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me said...

Hey Gang! Thanks for including me in on the WICKED tour! I can't wait to see the show for real, though! Wished it could have been with you, but probably would have had to back out anyway, with Uncle Rob's surgery, or lack thereof! =)

Aunt Teraisa reminded me the other day to come on here to see how it's going! She's keeping tabs on you all!

Love to all,
Aunt Jen

P.S. What's a fat quarter? Material, right, but what?