Thursday, May 14, 2009

For the month of May, Mary's Month original post tonight is below the line.

I thought it over and decided I needed to do a bit of research through Blogger's Help section......and the first attempt failed, using their video tutorial......but, their written info.........fixed my education........I think it will work!! Let's see!

So, the credit for finding this video goes to Buring the Candle at Both Ends.......


I have no idea how to embed this, I will have to have you go to this can see it!

I am so proud of those kids. They are inspiring!

Oh! is another video

So, here is the video at the above that I have it figured out! BEWARE! I will be using more video now! :)

God bless!

Love, chari

PS......If anyone knows how to embed video witout downloading it to my computer.......PLEASE teach me! I think I made my computer sick the last time I did it!

I did try to copy and paste the "embed" on youtube.......but I cannot get ALL of the link! ACK!

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Woman of Faith said...

Regarding posting videos, I just do what you said, copying the html text and pasting into the html part of the page construction. It is tricky getting all of the text, but it works. Good luck.


PS-I'm not cluttered anymore. Supernanny Jen came today! Except for my yard. It needs a miracle.