Saturday, May 30, 2009

It rained today.........

Garrett, Malachy & I were driving home from Garrett's baseball team barbeque this afternoon........when the thunder clouds that had been building released one giant raindrop on my windshield, about 1/2 mile from home. As I was pointing out the size of the raindrop to the boys, a bolt of lightning seemed to land right next to our car, and the thunder was an immediate, instantaneous jolt. Just one loud boom. We all jumped! Then, the rain made large polka dots all over the road......and as we pulled into our driveway, the 1/4 inch hail began to pelt our car. The rain was SO hard.

We were stuck in the car for a few minutes before the boys decided to make a run for it to the porch.

Anne came out of the door and said: It's Kansas all over again!

Not quite! THAT was pretty bad! And extremely scary for the driver.

After another two minutes, I decided to make a run for it, too! I was soaked even though it was only a ten foot run to the porch from my car.

The rain was pouring off the roof........the flower-bed-needing-flowers was filled with water......

The rain was thunderous in its pounding of the earth. We had to yell to each other to be heard, though we were all on the porch together.

I did go turn off the sprinkler system after ten minutes. :)

I had yet to use the video function on my new, just for fun, I took a video. It was so easy! I think I will use it more often for posting here.

I must say, the rain does not sound or look as intense in the video as it was in REAL LIFE. The water on the ground that you see is after only about 3-4 minutes of just broke open wide.

So, have a peek with us!

Blessing from Our Hearts' Haven!

Love, chari

YES! That IS Matthew on crutches! More later on that! But, DO need to know his dancing days for the summer may well be over......before the season even started. Pray it is not so!

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Mary Alice Phillips said...

Tell Anne that the weather is like that in Colorado too. We drove in to Denver tornadoes on the 7th and the sirens have gone off nearly every day since we got here! Now in KS we don't have THAT many in a row!

Hugs, and hoping Matthew is healing well and quickly.

Mary Alice