Monday, May 4, 2009

Haven Heartbeats

I am just spending a few moments here to say........I am VERY busy, till noon on June 4th.......though the SATs are on June 6th......and Matthew has his wisdom teeth removed on June 8th..........and a baby shower for Louise on June 11th........but those things will be easier without school and plays and piano. Oh, I imagine there will be a baseball tournament in the first two weeks of June. But that will be easy and fun after we get through everything else!

Until then.....we have..........
two graduations: Anne with her AA in English and Matthew from high school
graduation rehearsals
lots of play rehearsals for two plays
two tech weeks, one each for two plays
set building
set de-building
company for a few days, once or twice
numerous Tee-ball games
numerous baseball games
three childbirth classes to teach
three days to work
one day to work interviews of pregnant women
one or two plays to attend at the college
4 plays to attend for the other kids
LOTS of meals to give thought to...
foreign exchange student stuff to go through
a birthday
a birthday party
finals week at the college for the four older kids
work the concession stand for baseball
help the boys clean their room.....ugh!
meet with our educational facilitator twice
finish up Matthew's senior year
finish up Matthew's senior project
finish up Maddelyn's two little projects
math lessons with Patty
piano lessons
piano rehearsals
piano recitals x2
plant the garden
attend a ballet, or will that be TWO?
attend a recital
prepare chicken coop, in order to......
welcome 44 baby chicks
a run out of town for orthodontics
possibly host two Catholic brothers as they drive by

and lastly.........there are, of course, the every day things that need to be done, like homeschooling some of the kids some of the time, like meals and exercising and cleaning bathrooms..........etc!

So, I am putting blogging on the back burner on the imaginary stove in the garage. I will get to it as I when Maddelyn is in her class...........or I am stuck at the school. We will see what time I can pull out of my hat. It often seems when I take a "break" from blogging......I often blog more that I thought I could, or would.

I am going to try to get a Daybook done over the course of a few days.......maybe load some pictures..........who knows. I have LOTS of posts going around in my head!

I beg God's blessing on these endeavors........and on your endeavors, too!

Have a nice day.......week.........month!

Love, chari


Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

That's busy all right! Take care of yourselves!

Willa said...

That's a lot all right!

Chari said...

Just pray for us, my friends in the Sierra Nevadas!