Tuesday, May 5, 2009

There's another BIRTHDAY in our house!

Fourteen years ago tonight, at this moment........I was holding my newborn Maddelyn. She was so sweet. She was my last homebirth....and my favorite birth. Oh, how I loved her birth. She is the only homebirth of ours actually born at Our Hearts' Haven.......in her own bedroom as a matter of fact. :)

Poor thing, our day today was too busy due to obligations.....too busy for celebrating....so, we will do cake this coming weekend.

She did get to go for a walk to the meadow behind our house.

She did get to skip school this morning.

And, most importantly, her mama did not forget to make her the pancakes she loves......and that she had asked for for her birthday months ago. Phew! I barely remembered.......but, I did. And, they were ready to eat when she awakened at 7:45am.

I was going to post a recent photo of Maddelyn but ran out of time in our busy day....so, if you go look at one of my favorite blogs........you will find a picture of Maddelyn here and here. The particular maiden who owns this blog.....is particularly fond of Maddelyn.....and thus the photos.........the maiden is one of Maddelyn's confirmation sponsors. They are practically "sisters."


So, I know I was not going to post much....but, I am stuck at the charter school while Matthew & Garrett work on the set for the play. Marty just left. He and Matthew "built" a fireplace tonight. Matthew made a mantel earlier in the day. Wait till you see photos of the completed set!
I want to go home and go to sleep. I feel a bit like something is coming on...my throat is a bit swollen....I have a bit of malaise. ugh.
I taught the first of three childbirth classes tonight. I was sort of dreading it...because I have a huge crowd, 12 couples....and I did not feel well. Only ten couple showed up.......and they were a very nice group. Every group I teach has its own personality. I like this one. Everyone seems to have been educating themselves before they came to me....laughed at my humor :) ......and one is planning a homebirth. I love getting the homebirth couples. Also, there is another in my class who seems to be getting the rap about how bad it is to have a baby in the hospital.......from those who are anti-hospital. She really wants to be at our hospital. I am glad that my perspective of having "homebirths at the hospital" and refusing almost everything from pitocin to eye ointment to fetal heart monitor (though I rarely volunteer that :) ) can be of a help to her, and lately, others. Pray I can help reduce her anxiety.
That is one thing that works so well for me in teaching the childbirth classes: my experience of home births and of hospital births..........and of actually working in our very small OB department, knowing all of our nine nurses well and the four doctors.
I want to go home...did I mention that already?
I cannot wait for this set to be completed.
It did not rain much today at all...the sun came out quite often, and it made it to at least 58*
The weekend temps have warmed up to 70* Oh, I am so happy!
I need to say goodnight........I hope I can get home safely......I can hardly hold my head up and I can certainly think of nothing to say..........how unlike me!! :) Pray I can sleep in for once. I know Marty is planning to sleep in tomorrow since he got to work extra early the last two mornings.......I want to join him! :)
God bless, and love,

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Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

Happy birthday, dearest of Maddelyns! Be sure to stop by my blog and see my birthday post for you!