Saturday, April 11, 2009

What the heck is "pond skimming"?

Do you know?

(Originally written on Saturday night, last.)

Well, I had never heard of it. I am not sure where I was yesterday, but someone told me all about it....or was that Thursday???

So, today, when I took the kids to the ski park......and I bumped into my friend Laurie, who is a manager at the park........and she was dressed in weird 80's clothes.........and she said she was going to go try this "pond skimming," I just knew I had to go check it out.

I also noticed an RN from the hospital in the bathroom, dressing down, and getting ready to go try it.

And, then I saw Katie, who is the local homeschooled girl who went to Germany last year with the Rotary.....and someone I have known since she was four years line to join the fun........

I thought I would come home and see if there were any videos I could share my a spectator, that is...........and I found A LOT of video!

I guess this is a fun spring skiing thing to do. Brrrrr!

This first video is very similar to what our park had today......but our hill was a bit steeper.......and to get out at the end you had to actually lift yourself into the air a bit to get out. More tricky!

The first skier down today was one of the co-owners of the park. He biffed good! OUCH! I was thinking: this is dangerous........are there EMTs here???

But the rest did not eat it as bad as he did.

So, you need to know.......this is extremely cold in there were little icebergs floating in the water. We also had a diver just on the edge of the pool or in help folks out. I thought that was a very humane thing to do.

Watch and see what you think...........

What I noticed today was were least likely to get across if....

  • you were female.......NO women got across today

  • you were young.....only ONE kid got across.....though one who missed the first time did make it the second

  • you were on skiis.......while some skiers did make it.....the boarders had better luck

And, OF COURSE, Garrett asked in all seriousness....if HE could try. Like, I don't think so.........remember you are recovering from a head injury???? Duh.

Don't tell him.......but, I just might let him try next year......shhhh. If they do it again. They do not do it every year....but everyone had so much fun.....I think they just might.

I also found this other video.....kind of funny.......or not. Depends on who you kids and I laughed. What does that tell you? :)

And, here is one more.......and it is not like we really need one more video.....but, about 19 seconds into this one of our favorite runs. Too funny! Oh, and the music is of my own....and the world's......favorite pieces of music!

Fun??? You wanna try?

I did not see Frances anywhere......but I think she and her family would have loved this........and I wished I had grabbed Abraham!


Love, chari

P.S. I am SO EXCITED that I finally figured out how to put a video up! Yes!

Well, it is not as if I had ever tried before. :)

But now.....I can put my favorite youtube video on I am sure you are all familiar with....but if you are hafta see it! Watch for next week........


Anonymous said...

We were not there because I had NO clue it was happening. However, the Poindexter clan was represented by our nephew, Dom, on his snowboard. He reported yesterday that he did not make it across, and the expression on his face let us know how cold it was!

Make sure you tell me next year, Chari, and we can at least watch. F8 will not be doing this type of activity until he is F18! He's lucky we let him snowboard on snow.


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness! That is incredible and so, so cold looking - brrrr...

Chari said...

LOL, Frances!

I KNEW you would love to watch this "extreme" stuff!

I saw Dom! I always forget he is your nephew! We go way back, Dom and us! :)

hey, Jennnifer! It was definitely a lot colder than where YOU live! I think you should come watch next year....I will even put you up!

Anonymous said...

Funny Chari...I love your writing because it is so, so YOU! Fun reading.