Friday, July 4, 2008

Cousins Came for Visit

Two weeks ago I realized if my youngest sister Jennifer did not come for a visit soon, she would not be able to come. You see, she and her husband Rob are expecting their 4th and Goal in September. Plus, she starts her new teaching job the first Monday in August......AND they have to run over to Minnesota at the end of July. The time was right.......and it gave her a chance to travel in her new car.


I have two sisters.....and a bunch of nieces and a few nephews:

Teresa, two years younger than me:
Alexis 20 years
Venice 15 years
Kaydance 11 years


Jennifer, about seven years younger than me:
Hudson 6 years
Avery 4 years
Carter 2 years this month
Baby, aka 4th and goal (dad's a football coach) expected in Sept


Then there is me:

Anne 19 years
Matthew 17 years
Sarah 15 years
Maddelyn 13 years
Garrett 11 years
Malachy 6 years


Jennifer brought her three kids plus Teresa's youngest. are a bunch of photos taken just before they left yesterday.........enjoy, Grandma!

Girl cousins on the swing: Sarah, Anne standing
Kaydance, Avery, Maddelyn on swing

Twin cousins, born three weeks apart: Hudson & Malachy

Big girl cousin Maddelyn & little girl cousin Avery

One from each of the sisters: Garrett, Carter & Kaydance:

Again, one from each of the sisters, the three youngest girls:
Kaydance, Avery & Maddelyn

Anne, Aunt Jennifer & Sarah
Oldest nephew Matthew hugging little cousin Hudson.
Now, off to the 4th of July parade and then all day at the lake followed by fireworks about 9:45 pm....because it does not get dark until then!
Happy 4th of JULY to you!
With love and prayers,


Woman of Faith said...

Great photos, Chari! Isn't it fun for cousins to get together? I have a cousin getting married in September and hopefully we'll get together with a bunch of our's. Kaydance is beautiful!, as well as your other nieces and nephews. Thanks for sharing!


godlover said...

What a great family! Thanks for sharing them with us. Pics were great too.


Shawna said...

Lovely photos! I appreciate the "chart" to clarify who belongs to whom! Hudson and Malachy are sure cute together!

JEN said...

HAHAHAAHA! Go look at my blog, we picked almost the same pictures!!! But I don't have any with all the kids? Did my camera go out before that? Oh, I stopped on the way home for new batteries! yeah! They've lasted so far and that is more then what those others did! And, I got a new 4gb for the big trip! Oh, and going to Missouri, not Minnesota. We'll be in OK City a week from tomorrow!
Anyway, we had a great time! Thanks for asking us over before it got too late!
We love you all!