Sunday, July 20, 2008


Yay! I can finally sit down and just write for a few moments.

I spent the entire day yesterday with Matthew in our school room planning out his senior year....and collecting resources. Boy, does he have a lot to accomplish this year! Let's all pray for him, he may need it! :)

I am very excited for his year. He will enjoy the learning. He is like his mother and older sister..........a compulsive student. :) That is one of the reason I LOVE homeschooling.........*I* get to keep learning..........and..............without the tests!!!

He has on his plate:

Religion & Catholic Apologetics (Book 4 of Our Quest for Happiness & Apologetics using a TAN book and syllabus from Our Lady of Victory School)

Latin I (yes, we are REALLY behind in this :/-one semester of Latina Christiana I and II and then to Henle with Mother of Divine Grace's (MODG) syllabus)

English IV (probably a combo of every other subject: we are working on spelling of SAT type words, Classical vocabulary, papers will be written in all other subjects this year, possibly a Shakespeare Club, and our Literature evenings, etc)

American Literature (a Junior College class with a great teacher and friend-both semesters)

Public Speaking (a Junior College class-one semester-one of Anne's fave classes & teachers-she thinks it is a perfect class for Matthew)

Chemistry (combo text & Great Course from The Teaching Company-Matthew LOVES their stuff!)

Geometry, with Patty, our wonderful math teacher & friend, using Jacob's Geometry

Voice (a Junior College class), with his two youngest sisters

Drama (a Junior College play, maybe more than one.......AND also one at our local charter school)

Piano lessons & practice----his last year with our favorite piano teacher :(, who happens to be a "descendant" of Beethoven, as a piano instructor :)

American Government & Economics (first semester only?? I doubt he will finish in ONE semester---using MODG's Syllabus and an Economics course from The Teaching Company)

Ancient Greek History/Ancient Roman History (one each semester---though, knowing HIM, he may spend all year on Greek :).........using MODG syllabus as a guide)

Driver's training (1st quarter only--online course)

SAT prep (1st quarter only--SAT Prep book and practice writing timed essays)

Next semester we will add:


Logic, if there is time. We tried this semester, but as you can see, it seems something had to was Logic, yet again. It is the Logic program from Memoria Press. He and his youngest sister (a professional argue-er) will be viewing the Teaching Company's Argumenation DVDs during the whole year.

Script Analysis (at the local JC with his favorite director)

Creative Writing (at the JC with Anne's favorite instructor)

Computer Course......not sure what yet, maybe a class at the JC?

And then, graduation with our local charter school at the end of May! YAY! He SO deserves this. I was worried when he entered ninth grade, since he came to reading a bit late.........and he has pulled off the most wonderful learning in these past few years. His memory is outstanding. He is so amazing and gifted intellectually. A very good actor, too. And he can play Devil's Advocate very well. He needs to go to college somewhere where he can practice arguing, so he can become very proficient. :) He and Maddelyn LOVE to argue.........that is why they are excited by those DVDs. And, of course, you realize I mean ARGUE in the intellectual sense, right? :)

After graduation, we expect he will have a GAP YEAR, while he hones his skills for the college he wants to attend. Who knows what will change between now and then...............


Funny, this started out as a Haven Heartbeats post and turned into something else......hey, but at least it is SOMETHING! :) I may even post again tonight, with photos! :)
God bless you today!
With love,
....who is going off to plan the new high school freshman and eighth grader today........thankfully, I already did most of the freshman.....just need to fine-tune! Phew!

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Us! said...

Looks stimulating and interesting Chari! Congrats at being at the end of one road....!

I am in the midst of planning for my 8th grader- after that the 6th and 3rd on down should be easier!