Thursday, July 17, 2008


.......and will remain so, I expect!

I know it has been awhile since I got a post in lately.............(besides the 4th!) excuse is kind of a good one, this one time :)

On Father's Day I started having strange symptoms.......that by Monday were so severe, I needed to go to the ER, per my primary MD, and homeopathic MD, too......they were worried I might have a spinal infection, and the pain was beyond tolerating, even for my high pain tolerance.

Thankfully my labs came back without proof of infection.....I think it may have been the prayers of my friends and family.......but I was hospitalized for pain control, which we got by about 1:30am. I had more medications in 24 hours than I have had in 24 years. Ugh. Most of you know that was beyond MY comfort zone........I ended up feeling weak and wiped-out with nausea and a severe headache for the whole week. Funny, I had some fantasy that once the pain was under control, I would be feeling my normal self........I guess not! The recovery time shocked me.

Oh, I also had an MRI which showed that I have what we KNOW was wrong with my back (and unrelated to these issues)........and thankfully, nothing else.

So, that is my excuse. :) Once I got was too hard to get to the computer to write when I had just lost a week in my life.......lots of catching up to do. Has not happened yet, of course...............but I am plugging away. Barely.


The insurance paper just came in for this hospital visit...........and I am in a state of shock. For a 32 hour stay in the hospital.......and I was not even that looks like the charge is about $8,800. Is that SICK or what? I NEVER go to the ER............I rarely go to the doctor's office............this amount $$$ may be a deterrant in the future. This does not even include the MD bill or the radiologist's fees. Yikes! If I am going to spend $3,000 I would like to see a new used car sitting in the drive-way.........or take a wonderful trip somewhere.........or that gazebo I want.......ya know?

And, all of this money, for a day in the hospital........and no real diagnosis to show for it.

In suffering this trial, I was SO blessed by my friends........I owe thanks to some special people during this time........

In order of blessing:

My dear friend Willa kindly posted a prayer request for me, and my 4-Real friends came in mighty strong and generous, and for that I am most definitely eternally grateful. Even if I felt lousy, getting to talk to Willa daily was fun. :) Looking forward to continuing the habit! :)

My husband..........for staying with me at the ER even though I told him I was just fine, he could go back to work. :) I REALLY needed him there. I am glad he, at least he knows I really needed to be there.........especially when he looks at that bill. :/

Oh, and he also drove four of the kids up to Oregon to see their orthodontist, since I was still too ill to deal with the three hour round-trip drive to the appt.

David......he is my friend, and also my doctor. I had called him that morning and he sent me to the ER. In the ER they were unable to do anything more than vital signs till the ER MD could come see me...........David walked into the door to find me, and got the ball rolling, ordering me pain meds and fluids and the tests I needed. Phew! I had to wait at least 45 minutes on that guerney for help......he was such a sight for MY pained eyes! He is the best doctor for ME. I appreciate how respectful he is about understanding how I can take responsibility for my family's healthcare....and in using alternative therapies and avoiding drugs most of the time. And, it is nice we can pray for each other. He was surprised to hear from me that day, even asking me on the phone: How urgent is it, Chari??? teasingly, only seeing I meant business. He KNOWS I never call unless I have a REALLY good reason. :)

I left a message for my dear friend Louise to let her know I was going to the ER, and when I got to the "floor" she asked what she could bring. She started listing, tea, magazines.......and in the background I hear little Miss Miranda (5 years old) chime in with "a fresh cut flower?" :)

......that is SO Miranda :), I said YES, a fresh cut flower would do me just fine. The girls also brought me some yummy hot tea, one of my favorites, Vanilla Hazelnut by Celestial Seasonings, and some House Beautiful magazines. The next day they brought me fresh fruit because the hospital food for breakfast was disgusting, truly. Hmmmmm.....I think Miranda brought me some chocolate, too. These two are such gems! And, I am not sure..........I cannot remember, but I think Louise may have given a ride to one of my kids for a class.

(Interesting side note: Louise and I were born in the same hospital in Los Angeles less than a year apart...... :) )

I tried to call my dear friend Shawna to let her know I needed prayers as I headed into the ER, but was unable to get through to her.........I asked Louise to let her know..........when Shawna returned Louise's call......Louise's husband said she went to see me in the hospital........and immediately after Louise arrived, Shawna's cheery face was besides hers! Wasn't that sweet? It is so fun how the three us of make such a perfect trio of friendship. We balance so well. It SO reminds me of C.S. Lewis's descriptions in The Four Loves about friendship. I want to read it to them someday.

The three of them stayed and chatted with me, as once the pain medicine began working, I felt surprise, eh? :)

The rest of the week, was tough, as I mentioned above, a severe headache and intermittent on Friday, I had two of my kids needing to be in the town about 40 min north of us for dentist appts I had already cancelled due to my Aunt's funeral in May..........and because I was too seasick to drive, Shawna drove me up there.......... Now, how is that for friendship? :) Such kindness...............

While I spent that one day in the hospital, I wandered over to my own department, OB, where I found my friend and co-worker, Micki. We chatted about what was going on, and she said she would come to my room and give me a massage, from the shoulders up. My nasty headache looked forward to that! Micki has a healing touch......I very much appreciated her coming to take care of me. Thanks, friend!

The nurses at the hospital took good care of me.........Donna G was working the desk and was very sweet, making sure my needs were met. I hope I was a good patient........some RNs are not :) I may not always like to be at work...........but I know there is no where to be found the quality of folks who work at my hospital. Our customer service is second to none........which is spite of being the smallest hospital in the third largest hospital corporate system.....with the highest customer service....consistently over the years. We have won big $$$ awards for it.....over 21ish other facilities.

Thanks to Meg, one of my husband's faithful employees........she and her roomate sent me a get-well card. She is so sweet, always doing things like this.

I know there were friends who were praying for me......even if I was not chatting with them...........Patty was out of town.......and she told Maria..........and I know they both were praying for me. And Gloria, I am guessing was praying for me :).........she was there all day with me on Sunday, when I could not face life........and then on Monday when she came to pick up her oldest child who was staying at my house, I was already off to the hospital. And Sheila, too.........who told Jen! Thanks, friends!

And, lastly listed, but of course not last, my wonderful kids..........who did not skip a beat but kept the house going all week, and took care of me..........and my own family, who were praying for me in Nevada and California.......wherever they were.


And, at the end of the week, on Saturday, June the 21st, was a lovely day spent with some lovely women at a homeschooling mom's retreat at my dear friend Shawna's beautiful home. And then this was followed by about 2.5 hours of rambling Shawna's new home on 11 acres with her and her mom and her two little girls. The meadows were in full bloom, we waded in the is SO Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prairie.......just like Plum Creek! And, I mean the ACTUAL Plum Creek......I would know, I have been there! :) We walked through grass taller than the little girls, and sometimes us. Such a nature preserve......and just what my house-bound soul needed.

Thank you again to all of you who were praying for me. Hopefully this is the end of the story (with the exception of paying those bills......ugh!).............though I am occasionally feeling tinges of that same discomfort. I seriously doubt I will head to the hospital for any next bout. :/


Now, I will try to get back to regularly scheduled blogging :)

God bless!



JEN said...

Hope you're feeling a little better now. Despite the medical billing. =(
love you!

Willa said...

Yuck! Those bills!

Shawna's retreat sounds lovely.