Sunday, July 27, 2008


Hello, there!

I actually have a few moments and internet access, so I thought I would let you know we arrived safely to the Sierras last night.

We left Our Hearts' Haven about 11 am yesterday.........only had a couple of stops before we got past Sacramento......gas.....Starbucks........

The night before, I had found a Joann's Superstore in Stockton. We had NO idea there was such a thing....but we LIKE it! :) My kids may always to demand a stop in Stockton at this Joann's store, they liked it so much. :) Anne finally found some fabric for another Regency dress.....and then, the kids REALLY scored. Butterick Patterns were on sale for 99 cents each, and no coupon needed. I think between four of them they purchased about 25 patterns. Almost all of them are costumes: more Regency Era and some medieval......and many 1950's style (think grown women's style, no the teen style, with Poodle skirts), as well as a few modern patterns. I found a swet nightgown pattern for myself.

Then, we headed to Walmart for a few items, including the all important Star Wars Light Saber for Malachy. :) His last one is WORN OUT......and a boy can always use a working light saber :) It is an early birthday present.

Grabbed a dinner of Subway sandwiches, which really hit the spot....and got into our friends' house about 10:30....10:24 to be exact. We all guessed the time of arrival....and Matthew got it ON THE SECOND.

We chatted till about12:30am........and still made it to Mass about 30 minutes away this morning, near the Lake House we will be staying at with our friends. My friend Willa's husband's family has owned this lake cabin since at least the 1930's, I think. We are back at Willa's house and are packing our things and will leave in a few minutes to join them at the cabin.....we will be there till at least probably no news from us till then.

Oh, the smoke...well, it was not until we were in Stockton, that the blue sky showed......the entire drive down I-5, the sky was a sickly pale gray color.....often reminded me of what it may have looked like in The Stand written by Stephen King, after the nuclear blast. I have been thinking about re-reading that book........I do not go in for much written nowadays.....but I read that as a teen and I always remember that I enjoyed it.

Well, we are off to the Lake and cabin....I just bought new oars at a local store for the rafts.......the boys are raring to go!

Prayers for all of you!



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Hope you are having a great time! Say hi to Willa for me!