Friday, June 13, 2008


Happy Birthday, Grandma!!!

Today is MY grandma's birthday.........she is 87 years old. Is that cool or what?! :)

I feel it is such a privilege to have my grandma with me for this long. Such a blessing!
She lives over on the Northern Californian Coast......we love to visit her often.
My kids love having a GREAT-grandma. They just call her "Grandma" because I do.
I have mentioned it before.....but she is the reason I started this blog. I know she checks my blog pretty regularly......and is probably the only one :)....and I feel bad sometimes that a week....or a month goes by, with no posts. I do the best I can. Sometimes it is all you can do to LIVE your life, much less blog about it. :)
In the meantime..........
I have some photos to share.....they are old.........because even though I have a great recent photo that someone was able to sneak and take......I think she would get "mad" at me if I post it :)
So, here is the past:

My grandma with her class.....she is the one on the far right.

I bet Clare is enjoying these dresses! :)

My grandma and her two sisters. She is the middle gal.

The three sisters, grandma is sitting in the dark dress.

My grandma's senior picture.
My grandma......cute!
My Grandma and Grandpa.
I am sorry, Grandma........I got a card out to mail to you.....but it did not get in the mail in time.
So, this is it....your card! :)
God bless you now and always!
We all love you........all eight of us!!!!
With love,

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Mamselle Duroc said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures! Your grandma is so lovely, and those dresses are delightful. Anne and I were just saying that next time we get together we're going to have to dress up 40's and try to get some authentic-looking snapshots.

Seeing the picture of your grandparents together stirred some vague memories. I think Anne told me the story of how they met several years ago. You ought to share it sometime; I remember that it was very cute and very sweet.