Friday, October 31, 2008

Haven Heartbeats

So, it is just about midnight here.....all is very quiet inside the house. As it should be.

Oh, the fire is popping, since I just added a few fresh logs.

Outside? The wind is singing in a high pitched voice, with the sound of Gregorian Chant playing on my chimes that are hanging on the porch.

It is quite blustery. Blowing rain.

An update on my day........had a great meeting with Shelly, as usual. My head was killing me......I was heading down the migraine road........but, eventually, the headache eased, perhaps about 2pm? Everyone in the house did math. The older girls did a bit more.

The two little boys are having a race to see who can finish their math book first. The winner gets a treat. I brought their next math books in from storage and they had fun flipping through the pages. If not by Monday, then by the middle of the week, they shall be done. I expect they will try to be done by tomorrow night. Kind of a good thing to do inside when it is raining so hard outside. Their energy needs to go somewhere.

In the late afternoon we watched an old Jimmy Stewart movie-I guess all of his movies will be old :)-because Anne and Matthew could watch with us before they ran off to their rehearsal at the college. It was kind of funny...but silly.......and a bit depressing, too. I sewed a futon mattress back together while we viewed, and now Malachy's bed is back in shape, where he is sleeping peacefully.

We had pancakes for dinner.....because it just seemed like the kind of dinner to have on a rain-ravaged evening. I always put chocolate chips in the last few pancakes...and those are gobbled up for dessert. :)

A chapter in The Magician's Nephew........

Please pray for Matthew tomorrow as he takes the SATs.........we expect him to take it twice. This is his first go.

Also, please pray as the older two discern their vocations, and which applications to fill out. :)

Now, off to bed....I was here WAY TOO LONG! It was the computer's moved slowly....we need more memory on this laptop!



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