Saturday, October 18, 2008

Glorious Weather at Gloria's!

I only have a brief moment to be here........or, maybe more....who knows how it will turn out. :)

I have arrived in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities in the world.........(I might as well say country, since I have only been to a few cities outside of the United States. I will have to remedy that someday. :) ) be present at the baptism of Benedict Michael into the Catholic Church. He is the son of our dear, and very frequently mentioned friends on this blog, Gloria and John G.

He will be baptized on Sunday afternoon, tomorrow....we will spend some time at the celebration afterwards...and then head home....because, my Monday schedule ominously awaits me. :/

We arrived on Thursday evening, just in time for me to partake of a Catholic homeschooling MOM'S NIGHT OUT. I got to spend a few hours with missed friends, and meet a new one. Oh, and eat a dinner at a restaurant. :)

I love holding Benedict! He is so sweet. So mellow. And, it is so interesting, the way he really looks just like John. The older sisters say: LOOK, DADDY! You shrunk! :) How true this is. Like Gloria says, of course, Benedict IS cuter. :) He has elfin ears like one of his older sisters did.

I have been holding him for over an hour and a half.........first he was in the quiet-alert state for over an hour, and I even got a little grin out of him. Then he quietly zonked, but not before his mother, and then his brother, scared him with clanging dishes and silverware. His mommy has run to take a shower.

His three older sisters are rehearsing a play, directed by Sarah & Maddelyn. They will be performing after mom gets out of the shower. Gloria and I are hoping to find time today to run to Joann's and the scrapbook store to get supplies for First Holy Communion Notebooks for her two oldest girls, Catherine & Claremarie and for my youngest, Malachy. I am going to suggest she start her 5 1/2 year old, too. She will be wanting to be a part of it.

I guess I am having to get used to traveling as an abbreviated family. It looks like we are going to have more and more times when they just cannot all join us on our excursions. On this trip, I have only Sarah, Maddelyn & Malachy. Amazing how much easier it is to navigate such a small crowd. But, it is always sad when some of us have memories, and the others do not.

Anne got sick, so she could not join us, though it was the plan that she come. Matthew has WAAAY too much school work due this coming week, plus it is only two weeks till the SATs. Garrett wanted to stay for his soccer game........he almost came with us.........until we heard that two other teammates were going to miss the game. Since he missed two games two weeks ago from camp and illness, we thought he should stay. Marty is taking him out in the woods tomorrow for woodcutting.

Prayer requests: For....

*our travels home on Sunday, especially since at least half the drive it will be dark

*for all of the graces present at the Baptism to be welcomed by the participants

*for the Godfather of Benedict, Gloria's brother, driving all night from Los Angeles to be present at the baptism

*for my family woodcutting tomorrow

*for all moms of many, juggling a life with a all know who you are......and I personally know your struggles :)

*for a friend with the blues

*for an old internet homeschooling friend whose 21 month old was found floating in his aunt's pool...but, it looks like he may be getting better.....pray HARD!!

*for the family of a Catholic homeschooling family who recently lost their five year old due to an accident

I have to go now!

Goodbye and God bless!



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