Monday, October 13, 2008


Where I am now...............So, I am currently at the college library, while Maddelyn, Sarah and Matthew are in beginning voice class. I have to kill about 50 minutes......and, since I do not have Malachy for the moment.....I thought I would see if blogger would cooperate on someone else's computer. Malachy is playing at Shawna's house. I dropped Garrett and Abraham, Shawna's oldest, at piano lessons before I came to the college. That is part of my Monday schedule.

Hmmmm.............let's talk about that Monday schedule. Last Monday was tough.....this Monday, I now hit the fullness of my Monday schedule. You may vaguely remember how I was dreading the Monday schedule in a past post.


8am: Anne to school......she was driving herself, but with our Honda down fortwo weeks, it is back to Marty or I to get her there.

11am Leave house

11:15 Sarah to piano

11:20 Maddelyn to violin

Go visit Sheila for 20 minutes or whatever

11:55 Pick up Maddelyn

Noon Maddelyn to piano, pick up Sarah, run errands

12:30 Pick up Abrahma at Shawna's........leave Malachy to play with Amelia

12:45 Drop off Garrett and Abraham, scoop up Maddelyn, drive Sarah & Maddelyn to another town, to the college for beginning voice lessons at

1:00pm Kill 45 minutes........sometimes pick up Kyle, a friend's son, for play rehearsal, later (this is where I am in my schedule right now)...Patty will pick him up today

1:50 Pick up Sarah, Maddelyn and Matthew from voice class, run back to our homw town for....

2:15 Matthew's piano lesson.....and to pick up Garrett and Abraham......taking Abraham home......and to hang out with Shawna and kids till.....

3:00 When I pick up Matthew from piano lessons........then, we spend time with Louise or run errands or whatever. If Anne does not have transportation, I may need to pick her up at 3:15 and bring her back to our home town.

4:00 Drop off four oldest ones for play practice at our local charter school. Sometimes one of the younger boys has a soccer game at this time, or, like

5:15 Garrett has a soccer game

6:00 Pick up kids from rehearsal, and starting today, Anne and Matthew need to be back in the next town north at the college for the first evening rehearsal for their fall play. Luckily for me, Patty's son Gavin also needs to be there, and so Patty will drive all three of them there, saving me that one trip, which is good, because I need to pick up Garrett at......

6:15 when his soccer game is over.......and then.......

........we get to go home!!!!!! Yes!!!
Well, enough of that! Phew!
Saint Gerard list.............My friend Maria is in labor at this moment. Please pray for her! Also, a recently delivered friend of mine may be coming down with mastitis..............please pray for her, too!
And..I guess that is it.
So, apparently Blooger does not mix well with MY computer. What a pain.........makes me less likely to blog. Well, there is always Anne's computer......but I REALLY like to use a separate keyboard.
Oh, well........time to return to the Monday chauffering!
God bless!


Tilly said...

*gulp* Cherri, can you please pass on a message to Miss Anne for me? Please tell her that I was on vacation over her birthday and while I remembered to pray for her on her big day...I have neglected to do anything about it since I got home. Please let her know I'm hoping to get something delightful out to her soon! Hugs to you all,

Chari said...

It is okay, Tilly....I still need to make her a cake!

I have not told her your message yet...hopefully I will remember!

Hugs back to you!