Saturday, April 26, 2008


Sticking with the "theme" of only photos in this year..........

In the second week of April, I took the kids, plus a few friends to Redding to see a play......afterward, we took a walk across the infamous Sundial Bridge (the world's largest sundial!) and a walk along the Sacramento River Trail, after a picnic lunch. Here is a view to the west from the middle of the bridge. This is the Sacramento River, the longest river in the state of California. Its headwaters actually begin in our city park. Those mountains are the Trinity Alps. The Trinity Alps Wilderness is the second largest wilderness area in California. We can see them forever when we hike behind Mount Eddy (the highest point in the Klamath, Trinity and the broader Northern Coast Ranges), the view from our backyard. After all of our cold weather, it was luxurious to be in 60* weather. We basked in the sunshine.

Here is a google image of the headwaters......I do not have any of my own photos. Yet.

Hmmm.....not as big a photo as i would have got. Oh, well.
Have a lovely day, today!
We have another weekend of amazingly LOVELY weather!
I am SO happy!!! :)

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Woman of Faith said...

As soon as I saw your photo of the Sac River, I knew exactly where it was taken from...cuz I took the same photos last month, from the bridge. I LOVE your photos. What kind of camera do you have?