Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Here we are at John Muir National Monument, just north of San Francisco. We arrived here after our visit to Muir Beach......see previous photos. This is a Redwood forest. Some of the oldest and tallest trees in the world are here in that COOL or what? We LOVE our California Redwoods! We visit them at least once a year..........and this was our first visit to these trees. NOT a disappointment! These shots are the same you can probably tell. I often like to try both angles, to see which I like the best. I thought I would prefer the portrait shot because it was in line with the height of the trees....but I prefer the landscape shot....maybe just because I see MORE? I am sorry the sun spots shows up there on the left....but I can still see and feel the beauty of the trees in spite of it. I wish all of you could come and feel, see, sense these trees. It is such a feeling of AWE.

Goodnight & God bless!

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