Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Here is the bell tower of Holy Rosary Chapel, of St. Vincent's School for Boys, in San Rafael, California. This photo reminds me of Matthew's poem, "The Bells of San Blas" by Longfellow which he recited at Poetry Out Loud in March.

You can just tell by looking at the color of the sky, it was one gorgeous day!

God bless,



MaryM said...

Awesome photos, Chari. California has such beautiful places to photograph.

Chari said...

Thank you, Mary!

We just LOVE our state! That is one of the reasons we try to travel around the is SO beautiful........from deserts (hi, Robynn) to the the the Golden Gate the Redwood trees........and everything I have left out!

Come see ME in my beautiful neck of the woods, sometime!