Thursday, April 17, 2008


Just before we entered the woods, this big guy was cawing.

It was hard to get his photo without he kept turning his head.

I will be posting all of the photos for this weekend as we are going out of town for less than 48 hours. God bless!



Renee said...

Wow! Just catching up on the April Shower of Photo posts on your blog and WOWZA!, you have captured incredible moments from behind the lens of your camera. Thank you for sharing these, they are just stunning! God Bless!

Chari said...

Aw, Renee.....thank you for your comment. They are only stunning because it all belongs to God.....He provided the stunning....I just wanted to KEEP it forever. :)

Thanks for visiting! You and your husband are in my prayers......and I offer up this little "breathing" problem...for you both!