Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Hearts' Haven daybook 2009

My daybook is back.........but only sporadically!

And, whenever I feel like it......maybe not even on a Monday. :)

I said I would not allow myself to post a daybook till my 2008 Christmas newsletter was completed. I finished it up a few weeks ago...and I may actually get it mailed out...that will remain to be seen.

In the meantime......

Outside My Window............actually, outside the ski park windows........a day of clouds of various shades of gray...from dark to almost white......about 44*....I can see an occasional patch of blue sky. Oh, the sun has made it through some clouds because the snow hurts my eyes when I look out. And Mount Shasta has a most unusual and interesting blanket of lenticular clouds over it, in the shape of the mountain. I also see Malachy & Matthew skiing toward the lodge...and about 25 people of various sizes on the bunny hill.

It was so cold at home because of a chilly wind....but there is barely any wind up here....go figure. This weekend will bring us into the 60*s....yes...YES!!! In fact, of the ten forecast...there are only three days in the 5o*s.and the rest all in the 60*s. Better get Marty to put up the clothesline.

I am thinking.........this is so cool. I am sitting in the lodge at the ski park, warm, sipping my Stash Chai Spice Tea, still hot from the thermos...writing on the computer...because our Verizon Internet cell service can go wherever we want to long as we have "bars".....and there are FOUR here! We only have 2-3 at home.

I am ALSO thinking......boys and girls.....girls and boys.......when your girls are "so good" (a quote from a young man) actually makes them more attractive to the guys. Please pray for all of our young people.

There is a young fella here who has a crush on is amusing. And, thankfully, we do not see him much. Oh......looks there are TWO fellas. They said goodbye to her: "Well, see you next year, if you are still here." :)

I am thankful husband........I appreciate the way he takes care of us......working hard, taking care of the finances.....doing our taxes. Driving the kids when I need help.

And, our great and excellent local charter school. A few weeks ago, there was an "open house" with the WASC.....the accreditation people. We have great teachers and lots of great parents. And, the director is awesome. She is our facilitator and our friend, too. My kids were excited to set up a table of some of their recent projects and successes. They mingled well with the accreditation folks and the teachers. Anne and a friend came and shared their experiences as recent graduates of the charter school.

From the is one of those days where I actually planned ahead AND took care of it! Last night I set out all of the ingredients and this morning I put black bean chili in the crock pot so it will be ready at the end of our day away from home. And, if there is time....I will bake some of Tasha Tudor's cornbread.......mmmm? Have you tried it yet??? It is the best!

Oh, hey look! I found a copy of the recipe on someone's blog! And, she just happens to be a scrapbooker, too! :) I will have to look around her blog. :) It is in Tasha Tudor's cookbook...... which I do not own. I only own a copy of the page with the cornbread. :)

If you do try the recipe.....and I say you all should.....please come back and tell me what you think! If you have had chili at my may have already had it before.

I am wearing........a black knit skirt and a striped cotton shirt.....and leggings, of to stay warm! Of course!

I am creating........not sure I can think of next scrapbook? Chaos?

I am get a good night's of these nights!!! I am. Tonight would be a good start since I may be working tomorrow. (so far...I am on call)

I am reading.........75 Year Round Hikes in Northern California by Marc J. Soares......I am SO anxious to "get well" (heal from the asthmatic symptoms) and get out there and explore some of these new places that are not too far away. I am also reading Those Who Love by Irving Stone. This is a re-read........I first read it the week Malachy was born, while I sat around nursing all day. I loved it then.......and I love it now. The local newspaper, too.

I also read in a day.....Bloomability by Sharon Creech I cannot vouch for any of her other novels......but for a modern day junior novel....this was kind of fun. Since the main character is an American who ends up going to school in Switzerland....I borrowed it from the library. Matthew read it, too and did not mind it.......I am going to have the girls read it also. Do not take this as a direct recommendation. If you ever think you want your kid to read it....just read it first to see if it matches what you want your kids to read. I probably would not have handed it Anne at 13...but the other girls are "older" than Anne at 13 and more "exposed" to the world....and it is sweet. I think they will enjoy it enough. The setting is in the part of Switzerland that Matthew is going to...and possibly the same town area. Oh, and I am reading The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Jester aloud to the boys while I walk on the treadmill. It is word and number fun......I loved it when I was in 5th Grade. I won it in Mrs. Tansy's of my favorite teachers.......she loved literature.

I am hoping.........the remedy the homeopathic nurse practitioner found for me cures these asthmatic symptoms. I took it last Sunday/ far, no improvements.....but no adverse effects either.....I was scared after last summer! Constitutional remedies sometimes need some time...but at least I have something on board! I feel more peace about when I feel like I cannot breathe.

I am hearing.........LOTS of conversation going sounds like a ski lodge!

I am I am going to accomplish so much in so little time. Can Matthew really get his “to-do” list done???? Around the house.........well, I got us cleaned up enough that I am trying to maintain….....before I can truly declutter and paint and all of that….I am wondering if June may be a good time for starting that??? :) As for my clutter spot......I finally cleared my dresser off…..and now, I need to do so again……..sigh.

The younger girls and I have it all planned out......once Matthew and Anne are gone.....their stuff will be gone, well as all of the busy-ness their age brings to our family......and we will purge and organize the entire house. Do you think it will take years??? :) And, now that we know they will both be here through early/mid August.....I am going to get started in June! I do not want until August to get going on Operation DeClutter.

Now Showing………..we just finished the HBO John Adams miniseries, borrowed from Netflix. My opinion follows below. We also have watched two renditions of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”.........this was his last opera. I also saw “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” which I was surprised to find was well-made......I will not share it with my kids because of the "adult" themes.......but it SO resembled my growing up time that I could really appreciate these girls and their struggles....oh, and I like the way they handle the fact of one losing her innocence: "It was just as wonderful as I thought it would, why do I feel so empty." "The Gazebo” with Glenn Ford & Debbie Reynolds…1958……..VERY funny! And, one of our family’s favorites! It is the play the kids are performing this spring......with Anne as the director and Matthew in the lead. Their last big hurrah. We also watched a couple of very old musicals for an assignment the kids had in voice class: New Moon and The Merry Widow both starring Jeanette MacDonald. In The Merry Widow you can also find a debonair Maurice Chevalier. And Nelson Eddy is in New Moon. Both musicals were sweet and funny. Clare.....if you have not yet seen these......I think you will love them!

I was not thrilled with the miniseries. I hated this portrayal of John Adams. They spent so much effort on so many negative aspects of his life......when there were so many good and amazing things that he accomplished. Yes, I know he was generally considered "unliked and obnoxious"...I have seen "1776" the musical, often enough to know that. :) But...he was a wonderful thinker...a wonderful writer......a loved husband.....and yes, he made some mistakes......including in his parenting......but, can we give the guy a break all these years later? I think I would rather watch "An American Experience" about John than this. So, there you have, my thoughts.......well, only some of them, for what they are worth. Oh, and my kids aged 7, 12, 13, 16, and 18 were unhappy with this movie as well......and they LOVE historical movies. The 18 yo quit watching after three episodes. And we only finished because we wanted to finish what we had started. And, it is NOT for all ages.....there are a few scenes we had to fast forward through or look away.

In the schoolroom......... For the three youngers: chicken-egg life cycle…..thought we would re-do a study we did 6 years ago……since we are set to get new chickens. We also have been reading LOTS of books about chickens are "starring" chickens. Listening and learning about Mozart. The last time I did a formal study of Mozart…...these three were too young, or not born yet, to appreciate. Beethoven next? Bach? Bach it is! We are listening to old copies of Classical Kids that Anne & Matthew enjoyed way.back.when.......supplementing with library books....and Netflix......and five Mozart CDs in the stereo at all times. Math moves forward for all........looks like the two younger girls are going to take up sewing with Patty. Maddelyn starts next week. And, whatever else we are doing...but I do not feel like writing right now. :)

One of my favorite things.........being up early in the morning...all alone....watching the sun rise. Too bad I feel like falling asleep by ten am. :/

Signs of the seasons......warmer days in the forecast. Buds on trees. More bird noise every morning. No fire tonight.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...........

Friday.........Either I will be on call......or I will be working.

Saturday......Still trying to decide. I think there will be some skiing going on.....with Marty, the season winds up in a few weeks.
Sunday.........Mass & potluck.......Sarah & Matthew are working with some other homeschoolers making a WWII movie. Anne has to work at the college for a show.
Monday ........, piano for three middle kids, voice at college for three, play rehearsal, baseball for that the practice season has started today. Yes, I will now be MORE busy. Oh and I am taking Garrett & Malachy and a couple of Maria's kids to see a acrobatic/juggling show at the college.

Tuesday........I am scheduled to work.

Wednesday.......see Monday...but no piano or show. I have to be at work at 7am for a mock crash c-section code........ugh.

Thursday..........violin for Maddelyn........take a ski day?

Special prayer requests on my mind this week.......for the play the kids are doing......for Sabine's little Michaelman.....for a serious issue that desperately needs resolving........for special private intentions. In thanksgiving for my friend Todd to find a job!

St. Gerard's List..........all new list as the following have all delivered healthy babies and all is well:
Stacy, Sherry, Lissa, Alice, Bridget, Gloria (a different one!) That's boy, girl, boy, boy, girl, boy.

New moms due: local friends, Louise, Victoria & Tonia, who is a co-worker and the only Catholic I know at work besides one doctor.....kind of funny in a Catholic hospital.....oh, I guess the sisters are Catholic, too. :) And, then, my other friends who live somewhere else: Erica & Suzanne, Gloria's sister. All but Tonia are over 40...I think that is cool.

I am currently scrapbooking...........I got a bunch done over Christmas vacation......scrapping at my dad's and with my friend Su........and at least once a month a good four hour stretch. I have caught up all the way to Anne's birth....which means, I am now only 20 years and 6 months behind.

Here is picture thought I am sharing........

This is me at age 4 or 5 years.

I feel like I may have posted it before...but I cannot remember and I am not going to check.

Have a blessed day!

Love, Chari

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Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

Sarah and Matthew are making a World War II movie!! Are they going to have someone there to take some candid shots of the process? (In other words, I wish I could hang around on the sidelines with my camera)

I do love it when you post your daybook, Chari. It almost makes me feel like I've stopped by your dear place for a cup of tea and an account of all the latest doings. I can't wait to see you all for real, though!