Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Haven Heartbeats

I am feeling so spacy.......I am not even sure if I can make a complete thought......I expect this post may go in many different directions....or maybe not. We will know when it is completed. There are a few posts in my head that I want to commit to the blog...but I cannot get focused for the moment.

Since I am having to wait around for Maddelyn's 50 minute class at the college, spending the time blogging is a good use of my time, since I will not do it at home......much. You may have noticed.

So, let's see...where to start.

Anne has a pray request for all of us. Two of her friends at the college, siblings.....just found out that their mother is dying of cancer......"if chemo goes well, she could have five years." Anne's heart is broken for them.

Oh, blank mind.

Another friend needs prayers, as she and her husband discern how and when to sell their home and to purchase another one. You know who you are. :)

Garrett is in his last year of Majors in the baseball world. I took him to practice yesterday.....left him there with a teammate and parent...only to have him call me an hour later stating practice had been cancelled. What??? I checked the schedule. Oh, Sorry, Garrett.......there was NO practice scheduled. Not till Wednesday.

We have a bit of a dilemma with baseball and the play he is in.......practice and rehearsal overlap by 30 minutes....and Garrett is only in the play in that last half hour. I pray the coach is understanding.

Today Malachy begins tee ball practice. While I am not very found of tee ball.......I am SO glad to be done with Pee Wee Tee ball.......that can really get my patience. We only do tee ball because it is so exciting for the boys to be playing ball......and they are at a disadvantage in minors if they had never played tee ball. So, there you go.

Last week I got a phone call from Shawna saying, "I have a 'full circle' story for you." It turns out that her husband Jacob, who was coached by David, Marty's brother, and by Marty as the assistant, when he was 14 years old.......will now be coaching, Malachy, Marty's son. Malachy is so happy to be on Abraham's team. And so happy to have Jacob for a coach. So is Marty, in fact.

I put Malachy to bed early last night....for him....and he awakened before first light, at 6:45am...the first words out of his mouth were: What time is practice? :)

Maybe his late bedtimes ARE better........for me anyway. :) I like having quiet mornings.......plus......when he awakens before me.......he just keeps chatting at me...not conducive to a few more minutes of rest.

I am getting happier with my new camera...which is good...because it is now mine...and too late to take back. :) There are so many new settings on the camera...it is going to take awhile to figure it all out. Oh! I almost forgot! I bought it at a private camera store.......and they offer a complimentary class on how to use the camera......I need to look into that. And, if it works out just right....maybe I can invite myself for tea, Gloria? I have YET to find a way to stop in your town....I am always passing through or have an all-day commitment. I need to go see Anne, too. It has been way too long. She is Garrett's godmother.

I have to go switch cell phone services this week......or next. So, I end up with a new phone, whether I want it or not. I am not fond of change that is not of my choosing. :) Our local cell phone company will be no more...but will be an ATT dealer. So, we get to pay more each moth now, for less service. BUT, since my family in Nevada all have ATT.....all phone calls will be free to them and vice versa. So, maybe we will get our money's worth.

Ski/board season is almost up here. Looks like closing day is April 12th. I hope to take the kids up there this Thursday afternoon. And, then maybe next Thursday and then maybe the last weekend. We had a family pass this year...it was cheaper than individual passes. We got it paid off last week....so, all the rest is our extra.

Marty took all of the kids up last Saturday. They had a blast. Marty got all of the equipment for AJ, Anne's friend from San Diego, and then gave him boarding lessons on the bunny hill for a moment.......and then AJ took off.........boarding pretty much the whole park on his first day of boarding.ever. He even went down the face for his last run. The kids are very amused by this.

My time is almost up.......what to say? What to say?

I was supposed to work today.......but they cut me.

I found a good book to read for Passiontide: The Family and the Cross. Or, is it The Cross and the Family? Ah, well. It is a very short, very meaty book. PERFECT topic for the last two weeks of Lent.

When I was at Shawna's yesterday, I tried one of those EMERGEN-C vitamin powders. It certainly increased my energy. And, my energy was so low that I was actually laying down on the bench in her kitchen because I was so tired. I want to try them again to see if there is a consistency. I cannot take multi-vitamin pills....maybe having this powder daily can make up for it. Micki, my co-worker and friend, has been drinking these about 3-4 in the afternoon when she hits that afternoon lag in our 12 hour shift. She has been encouraging me to try them. She is trying to avoid the coffee in the afternoon.....and I won't do the coffee.....so......I put it on Marty's next shopping list!

Well, that's it for my chatterings....got to go meet Maddelyn. She does not like it when I am late. :)

Blessings and love on this lovely day that God gave to you and me!


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Gloria said...

I would love to have 2 4 tea! We'll have to swing it with Anne. And I also like those emergen-c drinks. The boys make them disappear, especially in the summer.