Monday, March 23, 2009

Haven Heartbeats

I suppose I could actually do a daybook today......being up so early.......but I doubt I have time for that right now.

Last night I took the first dose of the constitutional remedy that my new homeopathic practitioner prescribed. This morning I took the second dose. Please pray this is enough to help heal my lungs.

I lay awake from about 5am to 6:45am, when I finally got out of bed. My mind was racing and racing and racing....mostly with Matthew's TO-DO List over the next few months, especially for April....and then I moved on to Maddelyn's list. Usually when I awaken this early and just lay mind is peaceful....and often I hear God talking to me. This morning was unusual....and slightly stressful. I wondered if it was the remedy causing this...and am reminded to keep a journal of any changes, so I can report my progress, or lack of, to the practitioner.

I finally got up.......found a few coals in the woodstove and threw a log on, to take the morning chill away. I took a few photos of the sliver of the moon with my new camera, to see what it could do. I have it set on the sunrise/sunset setting....awaiting the sunrise.......almost here...but it does not look to be brilliant. Always another morning, I suppose. Oh, as I was snapping away at the moon.....a pair of sandhill cranes flew overhead, and into my viewfinder....but the photo is a bit blurry. I love sandhill cranes...they are my favorite bird, I think. :)

Yesterday morning, we awakened to snow on the ground.....then we had sun for about 6 hours....and then the clouds and snow came back. It was dusk.....and the view from my window was like being on the inside of a snow globe.

The next few weeks....shall I make that months?...are so busy.....sigh....and then......we will have a "new" normal.......

Here comes the is spectacular, of course...but not photo-spectacular. Yet. I am just so happy to see the sun!!!

Garrett was so pleased to receive his Star Wars Lego sets for his birthday! He had his heart set on ONE set...and if I had been the one shopping, that is all he would have got. But....I sent his father to find it....who is not used to this kind of shopping...and, he took his time, did his research and brought Garrett home, not one, but FIVE different sets! Needless to say, Garrett is pleased as punch........and Malachy is not too far behind.

These is a funny smell in here......almost like yeast bread rising.......I am thinking it is those overripe bananas. Better make them into a protein shake for Marty, if it is not too late! I cannot stop thinking of fresh baked bread.....I am not sure I have time to do that today........but, who knows...

I am reading an old favorite book: THOSE WHO LOVE by Irving Stone. It is the John Adams story....from Abigail's point of view. I read it the week Malachy was born....and have been thinking about reading it again for a few years. I am reading THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH by Norton Juster aloud to the little boys, when I am on the treadmill. I first read this to myself back when I was 12 years old.........I got the book from Mrs. Tansy, one of my three fifth grade teachers......she was so wonderful! I loved the book then...I love it more now. There are so many plays on words and word phrases that I may actually understand better now. The boys are loving it......but I am sure some of the word humor is over their 12 yo and 7 yo heads.

I finally got Malachy's First Holy Communion notebook started. He loves doing this kind of thing. Gloria also got hers started for her girls, too, while they were here last week. They will be back up in less than two weeks, to stay at our house while John has "boys' ski weekend." We look forward to seeing them.......even though Marty, Matthew and I will have to go down to Sacramento area for a whole day of Rotary Youth Exchange preparation. Right now Malachy is working on the second page, doing copywork of The Apostles' Creed. I thought he would balk at such long copywork...but he sat down amidst friends visiting and got it started. I will have him work on it some more today....probably while I am on the treadmill.

Charlotte, 3 & Clementine, 6
Gloria & John's youngest girls

Almost time to wake hard to do......but after all of my racing thoughts this morning.......they need to get their lives going as of today!!! :)

I pray I can make it cheerfully through my day, with my shortened sleep!

Have a blessed day!



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Clare Marie-Therese Duroc said...

My present for Garrett isn't quite as awesome as those LEGO sets, but... it is finished, as of this morning. Now our families have to get together...